Truly great game... trailers

I still have that Broodwar-Trailer saved on my disk (35 MB!!) :P
Blew me away back then, still sends a shiver down my spine when I watch it (:


No, people buy games to experience them. Games are an escapist artform, and playing them is only one element. It really isn’t all about the gameplay, and it never has been, if it was then games like Planescape Torment wouldn’t even register on the gamer radar.

  • Halo Macworld 1999: how a killer franchise is born
  • Duke Nukem Forever E3 2001: the ultimate alien ass kicker
  • Ninja Gaiden Black E3 2005: 90% of pure awesome gameplay
  • Zone of Ender 2 TGS 2002: that’s imo the best Kojima trailer

I must have watched the Mechwarrior 2 trailer dozens of times waiting for the game to be released.

Seeing mechwarrior 2 at a friend’s house is what prompted me to buy my first pc, and the intro movie was a biiig part of that at the time.

First time I saw that all I could think was WTF was such a pathetically armed mech doing on a rescue mission… or in a combat zone.

Getting spectacularly killed, duh.