Truly Hardcore: 18 yo Gamer dies after forty striaght hours of Diablo 3

Thread title made me laugh out loud. Now I feel kind of bad about that.

Alt: Only forty hours? Pssh, amateur.

Maybe he had a rage stroke when his hardcore character died to bullshit.

Is that a really old picture or do they really still use CRT monitors in cafes in Taiwan?

There have been a number of these incidents in internet cafes before. People playing games until exhaustion overwhelms them and their hearts give out. Why is this so common? Is there something about the internet cafe that encourages this behavior?

I guess they save up and want to maximize their time since they are paying for it. Right? Just seems crazy, but since I can pass out, drunk in my chair at home while playing Diablo at any time of the day or night and my food is ~10 feet away, I guess I would never have to even remotely consider this possibility.

Its not really common though (Second one this year in Taiwan) - A few months ago a woman here in Denmark died due to getting a gardening scissor in her throat. It happens every year, but thats simply due to massive amount of people, not some particular dangerous kind of gardening.

While tragic, it had to happen to someone, statistically.

Ugh why, the game isn’t even that good…

Two in a year is already too common. Dying playing a videogame is so much more absurd than taking gardening shears in your neck.

What’s wrong with 18-year-olds these days? I could last longer than that when I was forty.

Think of it as thinning the herd.

It’s not traffic accident common, but it happens more than I think is reasonable.

Feb 3, 2012 -
May 20, 2011 -
Sep 17, 2007 -
Aug 3, 2005 -
Oct, 2002 -

There are more, (two in '09, one in '08, one in '06, and three in '03) but I couldn’t be bothered to sift through all the articles. It’s not some kind of moon landing rare event. It’s always an internet cafe in Asia. It’s always a guy.

So, is this just like the shark attack panic the media scares up every now and then? “Are shark attacks on the rise?” Then it turns out, no it’s at the same rate as always. Is the media just making a big deal out of normal cases of weak hearts giving out? Meaning, if you looked up the numbers would it turn out that that you could make a case that kids are dying due to TV watching? “After a marathon 11-hour session of TV, another young man died due to exhaustion! When will someone do something about this epidemic of our young people killing themselves to catch up on reruns?” Or is this something else?

Sorry to hear it, definitely.

Wonder what got him? Pulmonary embolism?

I’d say deep vein thrombosis. Basically sitting in one position for too long may cause a clot to form in your legs, it gets loose, and bam, you’re dead.

It’s why you should get up and stretch your legs two or three times on a long, intercontinental flight. Even going to the bathroom helps, as you’re actually moving.

Every year we have drunks drowning in our river. I suppose those deaths are less absurd although equally preventable? It’s sad either way.

Yes, much less absurd. Death by dungeon-crawling may in fact be the most preventable form of death humanity has ever discovered. To prevent it, you must stand up. Perhaps find some water to drink, and food to eat.

I can understand this. I nearly died after trying to play diablo 3 for 2 hour straight.

I don’t know that putting on a life-jacket is considered hard. It probably took more effort to keep their beer cold. I mean really, people die all the time for stupid things, like txting and driving. All they have to do is not answer the phone.

I just need you to be with me on this one Nesrie. I need you to acknowledge that even getting hammered on PBR and taking a header out of a rowboat is a less ignominious death than this kid’s. Texting and driving, too. Sure it’s ill-advised to look at your phone, but at that’s an instantaneous decision which can go bad because you’re in a vehicle doing X mph. Shrugging on a life vest may be as easy as standing up, but that boater at least has the excuse of intoxication. This sober 18-year-old had 40 hours in a climate-controlled room that was in fact stationary and still he managed to die. Playing a game that apparently isn’t as good as the second one!

People do stupid shit every day and die. That’s all I am saying. The fact that it was a video game this time and this is a forum about video games, doesn’t make it more absurd than the other 101 ways to die stupidly.