Trump 2024?

Speculation is rising that DJT will soon announce the formal start of his campaign for 2024, extending his “campaign style” rallies and speeches into the full push. Maybe not at the Ohio rally this weekend, but when? Will he act before a criminal indictment is announced? Who will stand against him in the R. primary?

dead-head tour in attendance this week

I think he’s quite likely to run. The first campaign was just a grift — winning was a bit of an accident — and a second works even better as a grift.

I doubt anyone in the GOP will directly oppose him this early. It’s a long way to a meaningful primary campaign, and they’ll mostly adopt a wait-and-see approach, hoping that events conspire to knock him out of the running.

No thank you!

No one of significance I bet unless something changes dramatically between now and then. It would be a reprise of people like Weld and Walsh (not necessarily those two, people of like relevance) running against him. Though, to be fair, I’m not sure the GOP has any politicians of relevance outside of Trump, at least relative to Trump.

But yeah, I really don’t want to have to worry about this for the next few years. Maybe the problem will take care of itself given his age, health, and legal troubles.

Will he run without MikeyP? Maybe Ron gets the second chair this time.

I want to see DeSantis vs Trump. The bullshit will be epic.

DeSantis has enough political capital and momentum on his own that hitching his wagon to Trump would probably be counter-productive for him.

DeSantis’ only shot at the top of the ticket is if Trump dies. So for now I believes it’s in his best interests to get as close to Trump as possible, even if that means taking the VP position.

There isn’t any VP position to take. People name their VP candidate after they win the nomination. If Trump decides to do it next week, the named person will simply smile and say something non-committal like “it’s an honor to be considered and I’ll have to give it some thought.”

I think trump would rather run “campaign style” rallies than actually run for office. Trump wants to grift these idiots, he doesn’t want to actually be president… Unless it somehow keeps him safe from prosecution, but I think it will be far too late for that.

I don’t think Trump actually wants to be president again, but I do think he wants to ride that fine line between acting like he wants to run (so people will give him money) and not actually running (so he can avoid campaign finance laws).

Trump wants the title of “president.” His ego won’t let him settle for less, he HAS to win the election, especially since he lost the last one. He doesn’t want to do the actual job of course, but then he barely knows what the job is anyway.

But don’t kid yourself, if he can find a way to get back into the Oval Office he will.

Bingo. It’s all about ego for Trump. Not only does he need to win in 2024, but he needs to somehow find a way to convince everyone that he didn’t lose in 2020. His childish little pea-brain is likely already hard at work trying to draft some Executive Order that Officially nullifies the Biden presidency due to the Democrats stuffing all the ballots and rigging the election. He will never feel clean until then.

Well, president keeps him safe from conviction or at least jail. He can have his AG drop federal charges, and block any state attempt to extradite him.

He’s not going to be impeached.

Because that worked out so well last time!

This thread should be titled “Stupid shit that Donald Trump says 2021-2024 edition”.

If he’s not indicted on anything over the next 4 years, it’s unlikely that he would be in the future.

The Republican leadership-caste is not noted for its bravery or intelligence.