Trump 2024?


Like a tequila shot, take this with some salt since who knows how indicative of things it really is. Still I can see a lot of people showing up expecting some announcement and when instead confronted with another rerun of the endless Festivus of Donald J. Trump deciding to try and beat the traffic.

From President of the United States to some field in Ohio. I love it.

Oh come on, trump is an American hero.

(I know irony is dead and all, but do I really need the /s?)

Of course, if he didn’t lose in 2020, he can’t run in 2024.

Aww hell no!

Unless something big changes (which, let’s be honest, the GOP is trying to do by stopping people from voting), I very much doubt that Trump can replicate the work of Glover Cleveland.

He doesn’t need to win, he just needs the Republicans to win the House and Senate. Then they can vote him in regardless of the election outcome.

Then we get Civil War. (That’s the one scenario where I think things completely break down)

I don’t doubt that the GOP has a chance of win the 2022 midterm elections, but if Trump is on the ticket, I will bet a lot that the GOP will not win the 2024 election. Trump is just too toxic and the more popular he seems, the larger the Democratic Turnout will be, and I doubt the 2024 congress will be GOP enough to swap the election results.

I believe this is similar to how the years leading up to the Civil War were.

The Civil War is strong with this one.

Seriously, do you think the governments of the blue states, and the populations where the population chose differently, would stand for a blatant overturn of the election? There’s no way to handwave this other than seeing it as a coup.

At the very least, you’d have open defiance by those state legislatures, and a military that would be reluctant or unable to put those states into line, because over half of the troops would see the orders as unconstitutional or illegitimate. (most likely- the military does nothing until it’s way too late to stop things out of fear of interfering)

Even in 2020, the calls to legal aid for the military enlisted overwhelmed the helplines because folks didn’t want to enforce Trump’s orders.

I think if Trump wins like he did in 2016, folks would accept the victory as constitutional.
If it’s overturned due to “fraud” that most believe was a partisan nullifying of the election results, all hell will break loose.

We can prevent this by keeping at least one branch of Congress in 2022. If that happens, their ability to overthrow the election is limited- we keep both it’s even more limited.

BTW I don’t think we’ll get to that point. It’s possible, and definitely a lot more possible than it was before Trump, but it’s still unlikely.

He seems like the presumptive GOP nominee at this point. I think we should take the possibility of Trump winning in '24 very seriously.

If Trump is not dead or in jail, he 100% for sure is the nominee for 2024. That has not been in question.

Why not both?!

It’s a bit counter-intuitive, but having him scare the shit out of people with the chance that he could win is what gives me more confidence that he will lose. Democrats have the biggest problem getting people to vote, and nothing is going to motive Democrats more to get to the polls, than having Trump on the Ticket. Nothing is going to motive the push the Stacey Abrahams of the world to put in 100% than having Trump on the ticket.

Honestly, I would be more worried about our chances if Trump is not on the ticket. Someone that can reach his voters, but doesn’t reach the level of alarm in enough people to get out and vote for the Democrats.

But, in order for that to work, I guess we need to take his chance of winning seriously because if we don’t, not enough of us will go out and vote against him. But for today, I’m tired, I have a very pregnant wife, and a fridge that needs fixing, so I’m just going to assume that Donald Trump will lose 2024, because I don’t have the mental headspace to constantly be thinking about Donald Trump.

Congratulations on the incoming tot!

It’s possible that Trump can win in 2024, but I think his chances are lower than they were in 2016 when he basically won by a fluke. Personally, I don’t even think he’ll be the nominee.

I don’t live in the US and have been happy that Trump is not dominating the news cycles anymore with his inane crap, but I DO have a question about him:
Wasn’t there lots of talk of various court cases and charges against him in terms of his finances and corruptions…etc last year? Have all those dried up? are they still coming? or did they come and get dismissed?

(& I don’t mean the whole insurrection thing)

New York’s case is still ongoing, and charges at least against the Org are expected to be soon.