Trump 2024

You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave.

Bronx Tale?

I was thinking Goodfellas until you said Chazz

Indeed, A Bronx Tale, based on a semi-autobiographical play by Palmintieri that came out in '89, I just learned. The film is from 1993.

And another nice one from @sillhouette with the “Hotel California” allusion!

I haven’t been a fan of the New York Post since Murdoch bought it decades ago, but the way they handled Trump’s announcement made me smile:

Here is the story itself, it’s pretty good.

Pointing out his steak preference. They definitely mean business.

I’m no fan of the New York Post, but if only all the media outlets treated his announcement in the same fashion.

Most Trump supporting orgs are shit talking him atm, but as we know, that means nothing.
They’ll happily go back to lapping his balls if he does well in the primary.

Hell, it might actually be worth it to vote for Trump in primary in 2024.

He’s a less competent fascist , more likely to lose to Biden, and Biden’s not going to face any real primary opposition.

I’d feel less unsafe under Trump than I would DeSantis (though that’s relative levels of terror).

If it’s close, you might even convince the Trump folks that it’s rigged and they stay home in the general.

Ask Tom how that worked out last time.

It worked out great, we got a Biden presidency!

This forum needs a dislike button.


I always thought that’s what this was!

(I kid, and I’m not trying to make a subtle jab at anyone or any topic in particular, I’ve absolutely been the argumentative type who can’t just let something go before.)

I admit 2016 is a bit cringeworthy, but the dems actually did well this year because they did screw around with the primaries and helped get some Trump sycophants win their nomination, which allowed the Dem candidates to win during the midterm. The strategy is sound, Trump 2016 just like a one in a thousand year storm that no one saw coming.

I know that’s the narrative, but I wonder if it’s the reality on the ground. After all, how many of those primaries we’re actually close enough to be influenced by the small (but real) number who crossed over vs. the end result just being that the nation was growing ever so slightly more tired of Trump’s particular brand of bullshit?

When I think “Alpha Male”, that’s exactly the face I conjure up.

I sort of assumed that was a satire of the old “in line at the coffee shop” claim by… Ben Shapiro?.. that was making the rounds way back when.

I have had increasing difficulty in separating reality from satire ever since 2016. In this case, I’m pretty sure he’s serious.

I would think “Satire” in the hands of almost anyone else besides Nick Adams. He isn’t nearly clever enough to do satire, sarcasm, or even just marginal attempts at straight-ahead humor.