Trump 2024

I thought he was just a character from a Hemingway story.

How does he know they were college-educated? I suppose he leaned over and asked to see their diplomas.

When I think “Alpha Male”, I think putting “Alpha Male” in my handle.

This is what I think of with alpha male.

The most incendiary moment of DJT’s speech (which also made me regret my Dem vote, btw) was when he shit his diaper in obvious fashion in the middle of some tired reading of the teleprompter.

Really kinetic stuff.

I don’t know who Nick Adams is, so I’m instead curious to know what Scott Adams thinks of all of this.

HAHAHA, I briefly looked at Scott Adams Twitter. He’s definitely not moved on from Trump.

Yeah, that’s right, Mr. Adams! That’s totally what would happen. Trump was always bossing Putin around.

I think Nick Adams is some sort of right wing barometer: nothing he says is true or ever happened.

Oh God, don’t remind me. That bullshit in Helsinki was the most pathetic, humiliating display I’ve ever seen.

Because they voted for Democrats.

When I think “Alpha Male” I think of people who openly describe themselves as Alpha Males.

Was this already posted?

That’s awesome. Was that on imgflip?

WaPo: GOP operative found guilty of funneling Russian money to Donald Trump

Remember this one when GOPers inevitably try to claim “there was never any evidence of Russians trying to influence Trump.” Though this is less masterminds in the Kremlin clandestinely manipulating chess pieces and more one grifter calling out to his soulmate:

Benton bought a $25,000 ticket to a September 2016 Republican National Committee (RNC) event on behalf of Roman Vasilenko, a Russian naval officer turned multilevel marketer. (Vasilenko is under investigation in Russia for allegedly running a pyramid scheme, according to the Kommersant newspaper; he could not be reached for comment.) The donation got Vasilenko a picture with Trump and entrance to a “business roundtable” with the future president.

And the guy convicted sounds like a true modern GOPer:

Jesse Benton, 44, was pardoned by Trump in 2020 for a different campaign finance crime, months before he was indicted again on six counts related to facilitating an illegal foreign campaign donation. He was found guilty Thursday on all six counts.

I tried to parse this five times before my brain melted. So funny.

So, apparently Russian bribes are illegal to give but perfectly legal to take?

Showed up in my Facebook feed.

Person Man No Camera TV

No reason to cover him at all at this point. He can rant into the wind for all anyone cares.