Trump 2024

Please, don’t tell me Bannon is Merlin. I may cry.

Encouraging this guy’s fantasies about winning a Republican primary or general election seems almost cruel.

Uchh, the fucking playboy bunny aesthetic of Fox is so obvious and stupid and degrading it makes my skin crawl.

I was having the exact same reaction/thoughts on seeing the first frame of the video.

He’s completely delusional if he thinks he even has a shot at the Republican nomination, let alone the presidency. The guy has all the charisma of a wet paper bag.

Me too…I just looked at all those legs and then read the headline and was like, uh, ok.

Faux News: Keeping bimbos employed.

Won’t Mother be upset that he’s sitting on a couch with four women?

Really. Did you see that head movement as she praised him? He’d better have a change of underwear with him. Mother will not like the sticky undies.

You need to spoiler that with a NSFL tag, Rich!

Too late. It is in your head. Or on it. Like a fly stuck in bad hairspray.

I don’t think the taxes are a big deal, really, other than DJT so desperately trying to hide them. The IRS has had them all this time.

I’m sure a deep dive will show DJT is a lifelong fraud and criminal, something every reasonable person already knows.

I think that is right, but I also think it was important to pursue this to victory in the courts, to preserve the rule of law and the powers of Congress.

Yeah, totally with you there.

Slow news day yesterday. All that happened is that a former president explicitly called for throwing out the Constitution:

He still going on about this shit? Don’t worry, shitgibbon, a new election is coming.

Is there some legitimate reason this irrelevant shitstain isn’t in prison?

I’m in favor of Trump continuing to run for President of 2020 for however long he wants to.

Actually, given his grievance mentality, it’s kind of the perfect situation. By running on 2020 instead of running in 2024, he can’t lose again. (Also, if he exclusively talks about 2020 instead of 2024, it solidifies him as a loon and scuttles any chance of him actually being a going concern).

Be careful what you wish for. The Republican nominee will get 49% of the vote no matter who he is. Then it just comes down to some random “independents.”