Trump 2024

I’ll consider his request after he puts Hillary in office for 4 years first.

Most likely a combination of power protects power; and, that knowing someone did something and being able to convince a jury are two different things.

Is there some legitimate reason why this irrelevant shitstain isn’t irrelevant?

Perhaps the ~45 million morons that think he’s the second coming of Jesus?

I think no one wants to prosecute Trump because they’re afraid. Not of Trump, but of the 45 million morons that support him. They’re afraid that they and their families will become the next prime target for loons like the guy that attacked Pelosi’s husband.

If you’re not licking Mar-a-Lardo’s taint, that’s happening regardless - as your Pelosi example shows.

I doubt anyone involved is frightened in that way. If they’re afraid of anything, they’re afraid of blowing their shot and failing to convict; which would pour gasoline on the notion that it’s just a vendetta, energizing the right in advance of the next election.

Yeah, I think it’s this. If you’re going to prosecute a former POTUS for the first time in history, you better not fail.

You come at the king sewer rat, you best not miss.

Thus the time frame. I’m as pissed off as anyone that he’s not in prison already. But we can’t shoot and miss.

Even if you have him dead to rights with irrefutable evidence, good luck getting an impartial jury that would actually convict. He’s too polarizing. You either love him or hate him.

I am not wishing on a monkey’s paw for Orange to get the nomination, but I am interested to see if the Republican power set tells him to knock it the fuck off about 2020 election fraud if that ends up being his main “platform”. That plank got almost uniformly destroyed in the midterms in any reasonably competitive place.

DeSatanist will eventually throw his feces into the ring. But first he wants shitgibbon to self destruct.

Haha, straight our of Idiocracy!

Probably an Arby’s ad.


Ah, those innocent days of 2021, back when I believed these were actually written by AI.

I fed that prompt into OpenAI’s chat bot and it didn’t sound like Trump until I added “rambling and incoherent” as descriptors. And even then it was still too easy to follow.

He has my vote.