Trump 2024

My hope (not expectation) is that Trump continues ranting about 2020 and fails to gain any traction in the primaries. The combination of no Trump on the ballot plus the toxic anti-election sludge pouring out of his holes causes a decent fraction of the hardest-core Trump cultists to sit out the 2024 general.

Why is “Founders” in quotes? What does he want to suggest? Not really founders? I don’t get it.

Trump has never understood how quotation marks work.

He puts those marks around his big words that he’s proud to know.

Quote marks are for when capitalisation is not sufficient, duh. Everybody knows that.

“Quote” marks, checkmate.

Remember, Trump is a dumb person trying to imitate a smart person. He sees smart people use quotations and other punctuation but has no idea how they work, so he wings it. This impresses other dumb people because they think he’s smart.

This is Trump in every situation.

It has worked frustratingly well for him so far.

Because of his dad’s money. If he was at his deserved station in life he’d just be the dumb blowhard loser at the local dive bar who murders down on their luck hookers a couple times a month.

It sounds fine to me, especially if the idiots continue giving money to him instead of the actual Republican presidential nominee.

Here is the thing, it is a pretty good gig, so maybe he isn’t such an idiot after all. A quick google shows that he has raised over $500 million since the 2020 election, now he has spent an astonishing 91% of fund-raising costs. Now this includes his plains, luxury hotels, clothes, staff, hookers for him, and blow for the staff. This still leaves him $45 million with minimal accountability on how it gets spent.

I am sure that’s more money than all of us in P&R have made combined over the last two years.

Here’s something I’ve learned… Money is not a good measurement of a person’s worth.

How very un-American of you.

So… Junior?

More likely Eric, but same basic idea.

don’t you mean “President” of 2020

Of “2020”.

While true, money is an excellent measurement of the standard of living a person can enjoy, and with great wealth your ability to make changes to society.

Roll out the We got him! GIFs.

Was this not the punchable face that launched a thousand fists
And burnt the topless towers of Democracy
Sweet Jebus, can you please escort him to Hell asap?