Trump 2024

Just because he IS a mad cow doesn’t mean he HAS it.

In that case, more indictments please

Trump has found the fountain of youth in adderall while Joe looks sleepy.

Former GOP Maryland Governor Larry Hogan says he will not vote for Trump. May have something to do with the fact that’s he’s running for Senate. But still it’s good for him to publicly be out there saying he won’t vote for Trump, maybe it will help give some other Republicans some backbone.

Unfortunately he says he’s also not voting for Biden. But -1 vote for Trump is still -1 vote for Trump.

Source: Axios

Hogan grandchild: What did you do in the Great War for Democracy, Gramps?

Hogan: Why, I was a hero, Billy. I did nothing at all.

I wonder where I can get a supplier for those Jesus/Trump hats shown in the article. I might be able to retire early.

How Republicans texted and emailed their way into a money problem

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I was one of those fans. My letters always began, “Mr. President, sir…”, and rest assured, I had tears in my eyes.

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Who could have predicted that Trump’s stock was an idiot bubble?


If Trump wins, I think it goes to the moon. If he loses, it goes to 0.

P.T. Barnum could have predicted it.


Wow, in revenue? What morons made this a billion dollar company? Oh, right . . .

“You’re generating the revenue of a ten person plumbing company! Eight billion dollars in value!”

Yeah, it’s really nuts… it’s not a situation like Amazon, where they weren’t profitable for ages, but were still doing a ton of business.

It’s like they’re barely doing any business at all. Almost like it’s just a total sham.

They just need to float their own crypto. TrumpCoin. It will be fine.

Heh, this isn’t even the first time Trump’s tried to bring a stock to market with DJT as the symbol, apparently. Everything dumb is new again.

DJT up 7% when the rest of the market is bleeding.

It makes no sense, just enjoy the ride.

Buy the dip(shit)!

It’s a meme stock and will be for a few months at least. I’m going to ignore it until Trump can dump his shares and inevitably leave millions of bag holders.