Trump Genocide watch

Trump has knocked off all but 1 of the items on the Genocide bucket list.

Trial massacres?

Things are bad, but I don’t feel like they’re near that bad. We could maybe get there after a national crisis or two related to Hispanics but I don’t know what that would be. Assassinations of Trump’s family? Staged massacres of Real Americans?

Things easily have the potential to get this bad if Trump gets re-elected.

I don’t think we’re quite there yet, we’re still able to walk most things back (have friends who disagree on that), but if Trump wins in 2020 we will go that route.

Violence against Hispanics is exactly what Trump wanted. Maybe not killed, but definitely assaulted. He’s made so many comments exhorting that kind of thing towards people he doesn’t like. Kidnapping immigrant kids. Pushing kids into miserable conditions so they get sick and die. Throwing innocent people in cages. Not giving them amenities to wash. Making them sleep on cold cement floor. Rape and abuse of children.

Take U.S. and trump out of the above and you’d think you were reading something about Boko Haram.

I agree with everything you said, I just don’t think we’re close to genocide. I’m not saying it’s impossible for us to get there, but we’d need a major disruption and upheaval in order to create a situation where enough Americans were okay watching an entire ethnic group (many of which are citizens) get wiped out. Especially when we have Hispanics in government, local police forces, and the military.

Or the fucking third Reich. Scary shit indeed.

I wasn’t trying to imply Trump is about to knock off point 9. I’m just extremely upset all those other points are now checked. It’s so barbaric.

Oh okay, I misinterpreted your post/title. I’m extremely upset by all those things too.