Trump/Russia 2016 election investigation (continued, now with Ukraine!)

Continuing the discussion from Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election:

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Has that thread really gotten longer than the “Stupid things Trump does” thread? I find that hard to believe.

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trump breaks everything. Wouldn’t be surprised he breaks the Internet too.

When Rudy tells a journalists that Trump’s lies don’t matter because he’s not under oath, why doesn’t the journalist respond by saying “he kinda is under oath”, and then read him the oath of office.

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I don’t think it can hurt to have a new thread beyond a few days of inconvenience if you wanted to quote the old thread, but that will pass. And with any luck, the Mueller investigation will wrap up and settle all this before we have to restart the thread more than four or five more times.

I like to believe that means I won the previous thread.

Number of links to Twitter?

I’d like to blame a certain Android hardware manufacturer, but it wouldn’t feel right without Wumpus to rant about them, lol.

Looks like Flynn’s foreign agent partners have been indicted. From the indictment, Mueller clearly has the goods on them.

Anyone have an updated guess on when the investigation will be complete? It feels like it’s creeping ever closer to the finish line but just can’t seem to reach the end. When Democrats take the House in January, we might learn more about some behind-the-scenes shittiness at least. Guessing we still have 3-4 months for Mueller to be wrapped up, though it wouldn’t surprise me if it probes further into 2019.

Who knows? It’s like a slow striptease. C’mon Mueller, show us a little more!

We knew this already, but it’s good to have someone bring the important stuff back up so it doesn’t get forgotten amid the latest rage tweets. Opinion Page piece by Jackie Speier, member of the House Intelligence Committee:

It’s probably better to ask “When will Mueller write his report on Trump/Russia?” than “When will ‘the investigation’ be finished?” Because there are gonna be dozens of subsidiary investigations branching off of the main one, like Flynn’s buddies (accused of not registering as agents of Turkey, not part of Trump/Russia as such.)

Investigations into Trump administration related crimes and scandals won’t be over until long after the administration is over, based on the rate at which they’re piling up.

Zeno’s paradox!

Yeah, a more focused question might be, when does Trump get what he deserves?

Honestly though, we all know that might never happen. Mueller’s report could detail extensive crimes and collusion but Trump might still skate by one way or another. I’ll settle for somehow knowing when he’ll finish putting the reporter together at least.

What is more important to me than Trump going to jail or whatever is that there be a full accounting, as much as possible, of what actually happened in the election of 2016, vis-a-vis subverting the will of the electorate, so that steps can be taken to prevent it from happening again.

To the extent that Trump’s election actually reflects the will of the electorate (setting aside the minor point that, y’know, his opponent got more votes – but the electoral college is what it is), the electorate is unfit and there is no obvious cure for that.


Cute gif, whatever it means!