Trump/Russia 2016 election investigation (continued, now with Ukraine!)

I wasn’t sure where to post this question but the troll in question is trolling with Russian propaganda and then trying to get me to do a ton of research to refute him. I’m not taking the bait but what is the phrase for a troll that sends you down rabbit holes of wasting your time doing research so I can call him out on it?

Sea Lioning.

Awesome. Thanks all.

Could also be a “gish gallop”, perhaps?

Watched Duane Gish do that a few times - didn’t realize it had a name and a wikipedia entry.

Gish’s approach to the argument was the same as Trump’s in another way - no matter how thoroughly he was out-argued by facts and a competent opponent to present them, there was no need to concede anything because there was always tomorrow night in another city with another opponent and a different audience. He just kept spouting the same bullshit night after night.

When I debated creationists online 20 years ago that was generally the way. They’d copy-pasta like a 20-point list of “inconsistencies” or evidence that supposedly contradicted evolution, then basically sit back and say, “your move, Evolutionists.” Naif that I was, I was off scurrying for research to refute them, not that it ever changed anyone’s mind, of course.

It’s what conspiracy theorists always do, which is why it’s pointless to debate them. They just flood the zone with shit and essentially make you fact check them on every point. And when that is done, they throw out more shit.

What if we did the same to them? lol the blustering brain melt would be epic

Nah, it gets immediately filtered out without any processing. Trumpalos have their Fake News filter, then there’s the Wakeup Sheeple filter, and many more.

Yup. They’re not trying to have a reasoned debate or exchange ideas. They don’t give a shit about your science or facts.

And that’s why we need the camps, you see.

Fuck camps, we need lime pits.

Fuck it’s too hot, we need limeades.

How deep is your state?

Yates said on the record today, in regard to Trump, “I don’t respect the manner in which he has carried out the presidency.”

I think that’s my new catch phrase for Trump, in polite company.

I’d still want to go with some variation of:

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 1.09.26 PM

(Although I guess the ‘intellect’ part doesn’t really apply to Trump)

One need not hate a rat for what it is, save your hate for those who elect the rat king.

Trying to swim across this river and motherfuckers keep putting scorpions on my back.