Trump/Russia 2016 election investigation (continued)



Good, the LAST thing we’ll need to clean up this mess is another inexperienced first time public servant with an ego that makes them think they can do the job.


All the news that’s fit to fuck-up


Can’t keep up with oligarchs without a scorecard.



Maybe in the future, kids can collect trading cards of shadow billionaires that control their government.

“Oh man, you got a gold-foil Soros? I’ll trade you 3 Koch’s and a Bezos!”


I’ll give you 200,000 pitchforks and a half million torches for the lot of them.

Final offer.


This is really good:


No, until proven otherwise, everything he says is bullshit. Schindler peddles false hope. Nothing more.


Oh dang, didn’t realize it was that guy.


Yeah, he’s not at Louise Mensch levels, but take him with giant grains of salt, always.


There are a number of these folks who claimed to have secret connections and “know things” very early on. I bought into it for a while myself. Call me crazy, but part of me thinks they are all working (not necessarily together) to provide false hope so that people would think “help is on the way” and not become as active in opposing this administration.


You don’t think it’s more likely they just want more clicks? :)


I don’t know if it’s still a thing or not, but Schindler had a subscription only twitter feed (are they still a thing?) that was pulling him some pretty substantial income.


Yeah, I think it is important to state how significant that is.

If you have a russian backed influence campaign working on getting you elected through targeted facebook ads, fake news stories and events, and public groups, getting internal polling data would help direct where to focus the disinformation campaign. Like say, if you know that people in PA absolutely dislike “X” and like “Y” the Russian operation would know what to say and where to purchase facebook ads. It is like handing bombing targets over to a foreign power.

This is the missing link, this is the thing that gets you thrown in jail and impeached. Working with foreign hacking and intelligence groups to change the outcome of an election, that is not good Bob indeed.


Per the guy who wrote the statute, a sitting President can be indicted, Executive Privilege won’t work, and there will be a Public Report from Mueller’s office:



Before he starts starting.


Well it would’ve been silly if they had said something like “before he begins beginning”. The author was backed into a corner, like a an old mafia lawyer desperately trying to stay out of prison.


Before he starts a three year…before he begins a three year – never before he starts starting a three year. Oh, already changed:

has agreed to testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in February — a month before beginning to serve a three-year prison sentence