Trump/Russia 2016 election investigation (continued)


It does say that the company in question is owned by a foreign country, which narrows it down a bit. Rosneft maybe?


Reading comprehension fail. oops.

My guess would be one of the banks, or a Middle Eastern firm.


Deutsche Bank?


This is what i would guess.


Maybe, though DB has US entities (which are as far as I’m aware are the ones that did business with Trump), that could be subpoenaed.

Also, being literal, DB isn’t “owned by a foreign country”.


Trump is so greedy and so dishonest and so inept it will be a miracle if Mueller doesn’t find a dozen different criminal acts he was involved in.


Wow, WaPo is putting out some serious long-form journalism.

Now there is no longer a need to buy a bio of Mike Flynn. I’m sure that you were all hoping Santa was bring that for you for Xmas.


He had more time to watch Fox News. Not kidding.


Flynn is just doing his best to reinforce the idea that military intelligence really is an oxymoron.






More info on the mysterious corporation (probably not dB) :


Yeah, state-owned rules out dB. I’d guess it’s a Saudi company, though since it seems to be part of Mueller’s brief maybe not. I think Mueller would hand off Trump / Saudi corruption stuff to another Federal prosecutor as he did with the campaign finance stuff, because it isn’t strictly speaking in his brief.


Rudy Tuesday: There was nothing to the Trump Tower Moscow deal. Trump never even signed a letter of intent!
CNN: Trump signed a letter of intent.
Rudy Wednesday: There was nothing to the Trump Tower Moscow deal. Letters of intent are meaningless!

Rudy by about Friday:There is no such thing as meaning. Existence is an illusion. There is only the void.


Do you know something the rest of us don’t about Rudy’s intellectual abilities?


You forgot “Eat Arby’s”


Rudy, at his own eventual trial - “I never even worked for this Donald Trump fellow. And even if I did, which I didn’t, I wasn’t his lawyer. And even if I was, I wasn’t.”


I guess he’d better hand all he can to Putin while he’s still able to do so…


Seems so…