Trump/Russia 2016 election investigation (continued)


Just an FYI, in the open hearing Cohen cannot answer questions on any Russian conspiracy. This is about all the other trump shit (which is likely more a legal threat to trump than Russia.) Cohen did testify behind closed doors on Tuesday.

In cryptic comments shortly before re-entering the room around 5:30 p.m., Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), the committee’s top Democrat, said that nothing he heard from Cohen “dissuades” him from his view of the investigation’s gravity.

“When this investigation started, I said it may be the most important thing that I’m involved in in my public life in the Senate,” Warner told reporters. “Nothing I have heard today dissuades me from that view.”


I wish people like this would stop with the legal baloney.

Impeachment is a political process. They can impeach him at any time that they want, and the evidence against Trump and his organization is so massive that any other President in the history of the US would have retired by now (or faced impeachment). It’s only Trump’s shamelessness - and the GOP’s open embrace of authoritarianism - that has stopped President Pence.

The flip side of this is that the evidence against Trump doesn’t matter; as long as the base holds firm, the GOP will refuse to impeach.


Because the core issue is still Russia. Working with the GRU has been confirmed for multiple people publicly, and this appears to indicate Trump was in full knowledge of that.

Impeachment may be political, but is treason?


BTW, that BuzzFeed story makes a lot more sense in light of what Cohen is going to testify to regarding his feeling of being implicitly directed to lie in his congressional testimony.

You can understand why the SCO wanted to push back on that for the very specific legal reasons…but you can also understand why BuzzFeed ran the story they did. The Post article on the SCO pushback seems like an overstatement.


I would stomp on Rep Jordan’s lying face for the rest of eternity. Fuck his smug lying face, blaming the Clinton’s in his opening statement. Fuck I’m angry at these shiteating garbage dwellers.


Jim Jordan is a syphilitic moron.




And now, since Wikileaks is involved, they can answer Russia questions pertinent to that investigation, apparently regarding Russia.


Man, Jim Jordan sure does seem very concerned about someone threatening journalists. That’s great to hear!


I love how the GOP is just slamming Cohen over and over, how his credibility is terrible, he’s such a liar, etc, while ignoring the fact he was Trump’s personal lawyer for a decade. A billionaire with access to thousands of lawyers picked this guy…hmmm.


Obviously a common line of defense - “Is that all you’ve got? Your witness is a known criminal!”

To which the answer always is “mob bosses do not employ honest people”


Who’s this angry GOP Congressman getting all furious with holy wrath on Cohen now? I missed the intro.

Ahh, it’s Mark Meadows, a respectable NC politician that definitely hasn’t posed in blackface more than the average # of times for a NC politician. Carry on!


The GOP literally pulled a “Trump has a black employee, so he can’t be racist” at a congressional hearing. Un fucking real.


Except Cohen is the one who got her hired, was in the disclose, and agreed to by all parties in the intro. So Trump has a black employee someone else hired for him, as his defense. /snort


“What kind of criminal sleazeball do you have to be to defend Donald Trump??” is a unique questioning strategy…


Grrrr, Gosar angry! THIS IS MY TIME! This is hilarious - they’re all attacking a guy they probably thought of as a national hero a year or two ago. Basically all comes down to, “Cohen is totally lying! Also, he shouldn’t be betraying his lawyer-client confidentiality by telling all these lies about stuff that totally definitely didn’t happen!”


“Liar liar pants on fire”

Oh, the oratory!


“When trump says he could shoot someone on fifth avenue, he means he could ACTUALLY shoot someone. You don’t know him like I do.”


Here is a screen grab of the live feed that captures … something.