Trump/Russia 2016 election investigation (continued)


I’m watching the feed on CNN and all the commentators are toeing the republican line.


I feel like in the last couple years we’ve just been watching angry white men spitting their dying breath at everyone trying desperately to hold onto their white power. It won’t last.


I mean, they all got their tax break.


They’re going to try to burn it all down before they relinquish it.


After the Kavanaugh hearing righteous anger is the go-to attitude when dealing with any accusation from Democrats.


Chris Christie somehow became a commentator for ABC. He hammered, repeatedly, how significant it is that the R’s are not challenging the substance of any of Cohen’s statements.


They like their jobs, so they need an out because they know it’s all true.


Wait, the GOP is allowing a woman to take part in the questioning today?


Funny that Cohen himself just said the same thing.


I’m no fan of Lanny Davis…but he is a lawyer and so is Cohen and they both likely realized that the actual statements made by Cohen weren’t being challenged when they commiserated during the break.


For those that don’t know Joe Valachi.


Now it seems they’re saying Cohen gave Trump bad legal advice? Are they now working on blaming Cohen for poor Trump unwittingly paying off porn stars & all the other shady illegal shit?


“Trump only did those illegal things because his lawyer told him to” is another novel approach.



Me, listening to this entire thing:


Seems like the best testimony results from Democrats just letting Cohen talk about life inside the Trump bubble.




I’m watching, that Amash seems to have forgotten he’s a republican. He actually asked reasonable questions and let Cohen answer. He comes from a district that is 84% white and voted for Trump by 9.4 points. Hmmm. I wonder if he’s worth paying attention to or if he’s a Flake.


Gibbs’s voice is about to break. Oh the injustice!


He co-sponsored the House bill to block trump’s national emergency. He’s very conservative, but as Republicans go I get the impression at least he has principles.