Trump/Russia 2016 election investigation (continued)


This is Jimmy Jordan’s district.

As you might guess he is only in congress because of gerrymandering.



I dunno, I’m guessing there are lots of Ohioans who would vote for him. Much of Ohio is West Virginia with better PR.


They should put that on the state license plates :)


Objection! That’s clearly a seahorse.


A seahorse that has an impacted colon.


It reminds me of an old 8 bit or arcade game monster, I am trying to google image it but cant find it. Was it part of Venture of something?

edit: Ok maybe not :)




That red dragon was tough at first, but he eventually learned who was boss.


Bah, beat me to it!


My muscle memory for that game will remain with me forever. Especially the dark maze.

And fuck that bat!


To sum up:

Trump cheats on his Taxes
Trump cheats on his wives
Trump cheats his contractors
Trump cheats his students
Trump cheats his Charity
Trump cheats his insurers
Trump cheats his employees
Trump cheats his allies
Trump cheats elections

With the “national emergency”, Trump also cheats the Constitution.

What am I missing?


There are many ways to sum up today, but this will do nicely:


Someone get this freaking duck away from me






Ken White:

Republicans committed the classic cross-examination blunder: They gave the witness the opportunity to further explain his harmful direct testimony. They provided Cohen with one slow pitch up the middle after another, letting him repeat the cooperating witness’s go-to explanation like a mantra: I did these bad things so often and so long because that’s what it took to work for your guy. I have seldom seen a cross-examination go worse.


Hey guys, I’m totally a serious congressman and not someone who commits crimes by threatening witnesses. Let’s all be cool!


They don’t, but it’s the E-4’s on the ground who make the final call.

I think if Trump tries something, they’ll inaugurate the new President, and then tell the Secret Service there that the new president is in, and Trump ends up being treated like Bobby Heenan on-screen in his last WWF appearance before heading to WCW.


Who is Matthew Calamari?

Wow, he hired a random thug to be his COO. But hey, maybe he’s…


Might be time for S&L to revisit how they handle the Eric/Don Jr. sketches. Eric seems to at least possess the basic sense of keeping his mouth shut.