Trump/Russia 2016 election investigation (continued)


“Well, how else would I get the juice out of the box?” – Alex Moffat as Eric Trump on SNL, probably



Just wanted to say I also appreciated the H☆R reference.


It is almost as if, with the fundraising she did, and the money she is paying her staffers being higher than others is attracting a lot of talented people to work with her.


Also, she may be a young idealist, but she’s clearly a young idealist who actually wants to do the job as opposed to performing political theater and maintaining her position of power.

Let’s see how quickly D.C. is able to corrupt her.


Every time one of the GOP chuckleheads mentions how much of a farce or waste of taxpayer time and money this entire investigation is, I want a Dem to lean forward, clear their throat and say “Benghazi” into their mic.

The GOP is failing miserably at convincing anyone other than the diehard Trumpistas (who don’t need convincing) that the accusations against Trump and his campaign are groundless. It’s one of the worst showings I think I’ve ever seen from a partisan side in a Congressional hearing. If I thought they were actually that smart, I’d say they might be deliberately tanking in a subtle way designed to appease their base while still ensuring the investigations continue, but there is nothing subtle about what most of them are doing, they’re just idiots, elected by idiots, doing idiot things. Great job America.


And there it is; not AOC’s committee, but I have a feeling that oversight may be sending him a subpoena as well:


I’m all for Congress doing their jobs, but I’m not sure what the Intelligence committee interest in Weisselberg is. Whatever crimes he can tell about, they’ve got nothing to do with intelligence or national security.


Russia is a national security issue. Trump’s CFO will know about his financial ties to Russia.


Ah, maybe. I was thinking about his obvious role in garden-variety wrongdoing, like fraud and campaign finance violations, etc.


This isn’t really for this thread, but I don’t know what thread it should go to. Banana freaking republic.


Not sure if anyone is surprised by that? And i don’t think it’s illegal.


It’s not. That said, it’s what resignations in protest were made for.


The president is the final word on secrecy, isn’t he?


Largely, yes.


I know it’s no big deal, because Trump lies about literally everything, but Trump lied about this.


House Judiciary Committee is getting into action.


If only.


It “could” in that buying a lottery ticket “could” lead to me having a hundred million dollars.


Only the smartest people.