Trump/Russia 2016 election investigation (continued)


Maybe he’ll be put on double secret gag order status now…they’ll really mean it this time.


I wouldn’t be surprised if his legal defense fundraising has cost him more in legal fees than it has raised.


Stone may want to go to prison pending trial. He would emerge with more cachet. Political martyrdom is his shortest path to prime-time appearances on Fox, possibly his own segments (or talk radio show).


He thinks he’ll be the next Oliver North. Only he’s even more of a scum bag than Ollie and no one wants to hear him talk about anything.


Whitacker out at DoJ.


I’ll eave this one here too, as I think it will end up part of the investigation too:


Do they really need another white guy at Fox? HA, of course they do. I assume he’ll be hired on as a justice consultant for now.


Off to go make some more big dick toilets I guess.


Or maybe G. Gordon Liddy.



But its the millennials who have issues with social media… riiiiggghhhttt



I think Judge Berman Jackson’s response may have burned my face a little while I was reading it.


This time she means it! No, really! Seriously! You’d better not, Roger! Stop that! No, really, stop that, Roger! Come on, don’t make me…no, stop! If I have to pull this car over, you’re going to regret it! Stop!

Throw the fucker in jail already - I’m getting tired of reading how much trouble he’s in. What does he have to do in order to get locked up? He clearly gives no shits about her orders.


‘This Will Be the End of Roger Stone’s Shenanigans,’ Says Increasingly Nervous Judge for the Seventh Time this Year.


I’ll be fine if he dies in prison, even if some ridiculous detours are taken on the way.



22% of Americans believe Trump is a good role model for children. Let that sink in.


Sounds like it’s time to let the vasectomy scalpels sink in.


22% of Americans need to go marching with the hate machines into the sun.