Trump/Russia 2016 election investigation (continued)



Exactly what I was thinking. But trump is too stupid to realize the Russians are just laughing at him. They owe him nothing no matter what he does.


Trump’s more likely to get polonium tea than his tower in Moscow. Or maybe they will let him pay to build it and then take it from him.


That would be awesome, if they let him build the tower, and then seize it and rename it Putin Place.


Put In Place


Sounds concerned.


The leftwing media are calling the Kurds and the anti-government Syrian rebels American Allies. FAKE NEWS! They were never our allies. Obama sold us out to them with the world’s WORST deal – we gave them guns and bullets, and they gave us NOTHING. Also there are many Mexican rapists and murderers among them, and they cost us $200 Billion EVERY YEAR.


There is now a satirical Rudy twitter:

Though even popehat points out one problem with trying to satirize Rudy - how can you be crazier than the real Rudy and not risk starting real trouble?


I’d really like to see the report from the DoJ ethics people saying Whitaker is cleared to oversee the Russia investigation.


Not sure what to make of this, but it is disturbing


Ah, so apparently what happened was he didn’t seek a formal ruling, was told it was a close call and that he should recuse in an abundance of caution, and then decided that he wouldn’t recuse.


I’'ll rephrase it–

Russia liaises with Treasury Department in ostensible joint effort to target ISIS funding. Treasury Department employees working with Russians (this was largely during the Obama administration) use their regular email, rather than more secure email they should be using when interacting with foreign governments. Russians ask for financial information on people they are interested in, with no apparent connection to ISIS. Some Treasury employees rightly concerned about that and insecure email use.

Russians gonna spy, I guess.


NBC news reporting Mueller investigation report will be submitted as soon as February.


Yes, I’m sure Trump’s “team” is hoping this is so.

We know the SCO doesn’t leak, so ask yourself: who benefits from this “leak”?


‘May’ is a great way to turn ignorance into a story. Hey, Trump ‘may’ win the Nobel Prize for physics!


It seems like a stretch, but the reason why I posted this is because it’s from Pete Williams and Ken Dilanian. These reporters don’t have a reputation for reporting sketchy news (or are victims of ‘access’ journalism.)


Isn’t February when Mattis is “retiring”?


Plenty of time to enact the 25th


But just read the story. It does not say this is coming from Mueller’s team. It says it comes from someone “in contact with the Mueller team” i.e. a lawyer for someone under investigation. It also doesn’t put for any evidence in support of the mid-February date, other than subjective judgments of defense lawyers - again, not Mueller’s team - “talking among themselves.”

This story has been put forward multiple times over the past year and a half. Every time it has come from the Trump side. And every time so far, it has been wrong.

… As a side note, the article is weirdly full of Team Trump spin. E.g. this:

Mueller has not made public any evidence proving such a conspiracy, though he has rebutted in court filings the president’s assertion that neither he nor any of his top aides had met or talked with Russians during the 2016 race. They did, according to Mueller; and, in the case of his lawyer’s negotiations over a Trump Tower in Moscow, Trump knew about it, court filings say.

The way this is phrased pretty much swallows the Trump defense argument whole - basically, “Sure we did all the things! Sure there’s evidence we talked to the Russians about getting them to help with our anti-Clinton campaign! But that’s not proof of a conspiracy. No sir, that’s just good old fashioned politics!”


I stand suitably chastised (not sarcasm.)