Trump/Russia 2016 election investigation (continued)


Trump would be a good role model for the children of what?


Children of the corn?


The correlation between them and anti-vaxxers means these kids won’t get to voting age.


Your debt to society will be payed upon death in prison, Paulie.



Ask his wife and kids about his ‘blameless life’, you hack.


What a fucking joke.


What a joke.


Sentencing guideline was 17-22 years. But, you know, he’s rich and white, so…




She’d better.



I wasn’t following closely enough to realize he had another sentencing coming up. Hopefully Popehat is right, and he ends up in jail for at least 14 years. That might be long enough to end up being a life sentence; and it definitely should be a life sentence, because otherwise he’s going to come out richer than he went in (what with book deals and wingnut welfare and whatnot) and screw that.



He also gets 9 months of time already served. Maybe if he writes I will not be a bad boy on the chalkboard 100 times they can remove the other 38.


This country is fucking broken.


I will be shocked if he still does not die in prison, but this judge is a complete joke. Says “I’m surprised you show no remorse”, and then gives him the fluffy pillow. Fuck him.


Live shot of judge Ellis:


What a fucking joke of a sentence.