Trump/Russia 2016 election investigation (continued)


I believe it and don’t believe it. I certainly believe the family has committed crimes that warrant them being indicted. I also don’t believe the report will contain that because it’s 2019 and good things don’t happen anymore!


As much as I would like to believe that tweet, I have severe doubts about it, especially the first part.

First, Mueller has the power to indict if he finds evidence meeting the Justice Dept standard and his report is required by law to be about the decisions to indict or not to indict. In other words, the report itself is highly unlikely to contain any new indictments, but will be reporting on decisions to indict (or not).

The second part may be true in that if Mueller found enough evidence to indict Trump directly, under Justice Dept. rules he cannot unless the AG makes an exception to the Justice rules. So in theory that recommendation by Mueller and Barr’s decision to say NO, could be in there.

However, given the fact that I think the tweet is wrong in at least one major way, I’m not getting my hopes up.


I could see the Special Counsel being reluctant to indict a serving member of the POTUS staff, especially cabinet officers or trusted advisors. I don’t know where I would draw the line, personally… someone appointed personally by the POTUS? Someone in a senior position?

Regardless, that would not include Don Jr.


Pretty sure Rosenstein had to approve every one of Mueller’s indictments.


Manafort gets six years, with a portion to run consecutively, not concurrently, with his earlier 47 months.


Once again, rich folks get different rules.


Because part of the second conviction overlaps with the original one (tax fraud I believe) he cannot be given additional time for that (at least that’s what I understood from a passing comment made by someone covering the hearing.)


The vengeful side of me is currently wishing additional indictments would be unsealed/dropped on him today.


Well, look at it this way. The dude is 69. He’s spending the next 10 years in Federal prison. When he gets out, he’s almost 80.

Those 70s were probably going to be his last good decade.


Seven and a half years, not 10. Hope the fucker dies in prison.


Oops! Not so fast Manafort!


Dude, you blew your wish.


Gah, it was my one chance to make Borderlands 3 a Wii Exclusive.


L’ing O L.


Bite your tongue!!

(I mean, I know it’s unlikely that they’ll catch lightning in a bottle a third time, but one can hope.)



Living a blameless life usually pays off.


Hey guys, I’m starting to think the system is rigged.



Poor guy, turns out sometimes crime doesn’t pay I guess. Most of the time it probably does if you’re rich but it’s good to see an asshole getting their just due every once in a while.