Trump/Russia 2016 election investigation (continued)


“Why won’t my Attorney Generals protect me???!?”


Like, he empirically knows what obstruction of justice is, right?


Surprising to no one, except maybe those who fell for it.


Yeah, not surprising but still… validating? Validating to know that what it looked like is what it was.


In the end, we’ll know that virtually every accusation made about the theft of the 2016 election was true, despite the fact that basically the entire establishment mocked those accusations at that time.


As expected, Trump only survived the aughts with Russian mob money :









#Praise the Lord of Pestilence! #Praise the Lord of Decay!

Works for Trump too.




Please don’t put this on the Lord of Decay. Nurgle’s champions are well known for being genial realists, neither of which describes trump or the GOP.


Papa Nurgle loves his followers though. Hell, he gives them great healthcare in his own way.


Excerpt posted without comment…

Some New York real-estate experts, like Joel Ross, a long-established investment banker in Manhattan, say this devil-may-care attitude is typical in the industry, and critics are overreacting in tying Trump’s business ties to his presidential policies. Though Ross says he’s “no fan” of Trump, he added that the key point is that the big 2016 Moscow negotiation went nowhere, and there is no evidence that Trump is currently basing his policies toward Russia on his business dealings. In truth, Trump’s several forays into Russia in search of possible deals is standard in big-time real estate, Ross said. And the majority of negotiations don’t pan out.

“As to any other deals, what they may earn on a management contract is not enough to get him to change foreign policy,” Ross wrote FP in an email. “This is not as serious an issue as you seem to imagine. You guys in the media have no understanding of how real estate works and how unserious these things are. Trump is not much different than most of the NY real estate developers. Obnoxious, liar, screws people, impossible to trust, etc, but in NY real estate–not unusual.”

Ross added: “None of any of that is proof of anything other than Trump was considered a bad guy who nobody trusted to do business with in the US banking world. That is far from any proof he did anything wrong as to collusion which there was none.”




Doesn’t take away from the fact that he lied about it.

trump’s dealings with NATO, the Middle East, siding with Putin at Helsinki etc et al. is all just a happy coincidence. It might bear out there’s no actual forensic evidence of conspiracy that will hold up in a court of law, but trump’s attitude towards putin is rather inexplicable otherwise.


This is the first known legal challenge apparently related to Mueller’s investigation to make its way to the Supreme Court.

It is not known when the court might decide if it will take action on the company’s request to appeal further. The application is likely an effort to put the lower court action on hold before the Supreme Court is asked to step in to hear an appeal.

“So far as we know, the Court has never had a sealed argument before all nine Justices,” said Steve Vladeck, a CNN Supreme Court analyst and professor at the University of Texas School of Law. “They can keep parts of the record and briefing sealed, and often do, such as in cases implicating trade secrets. But there’s no procedure in the court’s rules for having the whole case briefed, argued and decided under seal. The only times I’m aware of in which parties tried it, the court denied certiorari,” or the review of the case.


More goings on here. This seems to be a Very Big Deal. Lots of unprecedented stuff.