Trump/Russia 2016 election investigation (continued)


Some things:

  1. I’ve seen smart folks who are fully updated on this sprawling investigation basically dismiss the Steele dossier as a red herring (Marcy Wheeler being chief among those), but

  2. This report at least says why the information about Cohen taking a meeting in Prague found its way into the dossier, but

  3. Cohen can clearly deny. The wording of this makes it sound like it was a separate phone that Cohen may have been using that wasn’t his main cell line, so he can say that someone else had this phone, but

  4. This is pretty irrefutable evidence that someone associated with Cohen or the Trump campaign was using a phone issued to Cohen in Prague in the late summer of 2016. Cell phone tower pings as evidence remains an inexact science, but it’s more precise now than it was in the days of the Adnan Syed murder case (for those familiar with Serial and Undisclosed), and even then we’re talking about towers that offload signals to towers within a nearby proximity – not to Prague.


A tweet from an undisclosed location at Mar-a-Lago later this week: “NO COLLUSION!”


Only one more week until we can get some proper investigations started in the House! Unless Trump’s plan is to keep the government shutdown to indefinitely postpone the Democratic House taking office.



Nice try. No way to link Cohen to Trump though.



Barely knows the guy. I think he gave him $100 when Cohen was begging outside Trump Tower one time in winter. That’s about the extent of their relationship from what I read on



To counter this story, as Wheeler and others have pointed out, IF there’s any merit to this story, it’s weird that Mueller would let Cohen go to sentencing without any mention or evidence that the Special Counsel is pursuing this.

McClatchy has been all in on Cohen-in-Prague since their blockbuster story on this in April of 2018. Fair to say, be skeptical still.


Yes, waiting for other outlets to confirm this story.


Heh. Keep waiting. They’ve all been trying since April to confirm the original McClatchy papers scoop confirming Cohen in Prague.

McClatchy isn’t a fly-by-night operation, and they do serious journalism, but they’re the only ones who feel comfortable with running this story. And it’s significant that outlets like the NYT and Post haven’t just said something like “We had heard this same info, but couldn’t verify it to our satisfaction,” which is something papers do when they get “scooped” on a story that has dubious sourcing. No, instead everyone’s just been like “We don’t know who their source is…but none of ours has this.”

So yeah, they’re out on a limb here.


Your regular reminder that the Steele dossier and the Mueller investigation are not actually terribly directly connected.

Claims in the Steele dossier can be true without helping Mueller’s legal case. For example, Cohen meeting with a Russian in Prague isn’t, by itself, illegal, and without some sort of evidence as to what the conversation was about, such a meeting wouldn’t count as a “smoking gun” in a criminal prosecution.

And Mueller may very well be able to make a case against the Trump campaign without referencing the contents of the Steel dossier - the dossier does not, for example, mention the notorious Trump Tower meeting.

By now, debating whether a specific point in the Steele dossier is true is a little beside the point. The relevant question is what Mueller can prove.

(And while we’re here, your regular reminder that the pee tape isn’t illegal, Russian money is probably the real kompromat, and Trump supporters will probably think the pee tape is awesome.)


All of that, and underscoring that from the outset Mueller’s office has seemingly sought to build a case completely removed from the Steele dossier. They clearly recognized from the outset that letting that be any framework or even mild basis for their investigation was shifting sand as a foundation.

Still, the McClatchy report is fascinating, even if just from a journo-watching standpoint. This exchange kind of sums up the grab-the-popcorn aspect here:



Gonna assume this is his actual account since I see peeps responding to it.


I would have thought that any agreement he has with Mueller would prohibit him from tweeting shit like this. I guess he’s free to say whatever he wants?


If Cohen was in Prague, then Mueller already knows it, and for whatever reason it doesn’t feature in any part of the indictments we know about; probably because it isn’t related to the crimes Mueller is pursuing.

On the other hand, if Cohen wasn’t in Prague, but a phone was, it could be someone else with the phone, and it could be a part of the story Mueller hasn’t revealed yet. Cohen keeps saying that he wasn’t in Prague, which is a very careful denial all things considered.

It’s also possible that the McClatchy people are wrong. They’ve generally been quite good, though, and they’re claiming four sources for the story, so it’s not hard to believe there’s something to it.




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I’m pretty sure that 90% of Republican politicians or wannabe-politicians have at least 2-3 dick pics on their phone at all times. Sometimes it’s even their own.