Trump supporter leaves disabled woman on side of road

There have been at least 5 stories in the last couple days of rotten things Trump supporters have done to people. If I’d known things would keep going like this I would have started keeping a log to show this is not a one-off event. At any rate, the sad rising of the emboldened Trump supporter:

Lady with many disabilities calls for tow truck. Tow truck driver who is independent business owner and evangelical Christian (big surprise this happens in North Carolina), was called, drives up, gets out and sees she has a Bernie Sanders sticker, then turns around and takes off because “Jesus told him to leave her”. Why yes he was aware of her disabilities.

As as we all know, Jesus didn’t share bread and fish, Jesus didn’t say we should help those in trouble, Jesus didn’t say love thy neighbor. Jesus said, hate anyone who is gay, trans, disabled, or supports a different political candidate. Using Jesus as an excuse to be a horrible human being is disgusting beyond belief because this is the opposite of what he taught.

This needed its own thread? It has been brought up and discussed in the other threadd already.

Which thread? Sorry if I’d known it was posted about already, I certainly would not have posted this.

I didn’t realize the woman was disabled as well.

A trump supporter who’s a terrible person? Color me surprised.

I guess I just don’t have a lot of love for stories like this. It’s very tempting to use these sensationalistic, click-baity stories to draw broad brush conclusions about candidates and the people who support them, but in general it ends up being stuff that serves the purposes of being an easy smear on things. You don’t need to look hard to find Hillary supporters or Bernie supporters doing some really messed up stuff either. Is it the fault of the respective candidates? No, not really. It’s just something that happens because being a crappy person knows no political ideology.

Completely agree.

In a large enough group, there are going to be bad apples, no matter what that group is.

I hate when Hillary uses “some random troll on reddit said X so that completely discredits you” and i’d be hypocritical to do that myself here.

I do not believe the candidate is responsible for their supporters unless they somehow influenced their actions in a way that a reasonable person would expect.

Claimed God told him to do it, so I assumed it was a Cruz supporter.

That said, his business info is out over the internet, so I assume that internet justice will happen.

I saw something mentioned someplace that said the cops/other companies/AAA might not call him anymore since he can’t be relied on to do his job, and a lot of the time that’s who ends up calling these people to come out.

That’s odd. You were more than happy to link to sensationalist stories of random Bernie supporters in the Presidential Race thread. :-)


Yep. And it probably was just as shrug-worthy.

I’d generally say the same about tow truck drivers in general (at least around here, where tow trucks spend more time towing “illegally” parked cars than they do responding to motorists in distress). I’ve had my car towed illegally twice (both times I was parked legally and they towed me anyway). One time it caused hundred in damage to the car.

Depends where you live, in the Midwest (and I suspect more rural areas in general) they’re generally decent people who do little more than help stranded motorists.

Yeah, I think it’s rural vs. urban. If you’re in an urban environment, your income may be based primarily upon towing fees for illegally parked cars, creating a constant temptation. Out in rural areas, you’re unlikely to have that many cases of illegal parking so your income would be based primarily upon helping stranded motorists.

This. In urban areas, tow truck drivers are hated, because they’re the enforcement arm of parking control operations where parking is a scarce and valuable commodity in places.

In more rural areas, where you have a break down and may not see another car for ten minutes, they probably have a much more favorable rep.


Second the sentiment.

There is no shortage of awful Kasich, awful Clinton, or awful Sanders supporters. I don’t need a news reporter to tell me this, just the law of large numbers.

Can you really find a similar story about Kasich supporters?

It is pretty tough to find stories about Kasich supporters, true. :-)


I try to do a mental check on myself whenever I read stories like this one. In this case it was: would I react the same if it was reversed, if a Sanders/Clinton supporter left a disabled woman because she had a Trump bumper sticker.