Trump supporters storm the Capitol Building

Thanks for the new thread.

“Don’t worry. ‘Proud Boys stand back, and stand ready’ was just empty talk.”

What’s the harm in letting him pretend for a bit?


Hope this is the end of that fucker’s career and the rest of the fascist scum like him.

How many of the cops’ hearts are gonna be really into putting this down?

Jesus, so there were gunshots. Or at least one.


Seeing images of cops getting into riot gear with gas masks, so shit is about to escalate.

Riot cops moving into position.

That woman is fucking Dead. I saw the footage of them rolling her by, she gone

Well, at least any credibility we had “spreading democracy” is now shot to shit.

Kristallnacht is here, courtesy of the Cuck-Coup!

Bots are out in force to stir shit up:

correction: maybe Lincoln Memorial? You know, the administrative heart of … nothing?

That’s rich