Trump takes on videogames

Might as well start a new thread for this since it seems the White House and the GOP are set to blame videogames for kids shooting up schools.

Makes perfect sense to me - look at all the South Korean school shootings. We need to ban these things to #MAGA.

Europe is a better example. They’re playing a ton of shooters there. I think South Korea, and I think Starcraft.

Ah, just like the late '90s. Pardon me while I go listen to Bittersweet Symphony…

Shame on anyone credible from the games industry who attends this. Numerous times they have been warned exactly what this is about. If they are dumb enough to attend they deserve all the ostracism they will get from within the business.

First thing he needs to do is re-brand the term “gun violence” into something else that doesn’t exploit the word “gun” for mere political purposes.

Given that video games are the core issue here, I’d suggest coming up with descriptive terms more directly related to them when mass murderers go on a rampage while re-enacting the most graphic scenes game developers design and deliver when programming the gaming public to kill for them.

Some more appropriate terms might be as follows:

Gun Violence > Clickfest
Active Shooter > Live Streamer
Shootout > Console War
Armed and Dangerous > Suffering from PTGD: Post-Traumatic Gaming Disorder
Sniper > Aimbot
Weapons Arsenal > Gaming Peripherals
Lone Gunman > Solo Gamer
Multiple Shooters on Scene > Co-Op Campaign

and on so…

Ridiculous. Everyone knows it’s D&D that’s to blame…

I can’t wait for the big crackdown on hunting sims too. Lots of guns in those, or so I hear. Then they can focus on the actions that the games are simulating and crack down on actual hunting. Young men honing their sniper skills while shooting at live prey. Sounds like terrorist training to me.

Nonsense! It’s all Heavy Metal’s fault…

The old people may be surprised to find out how many young to middle-age voters play shooters these days. I anticipate a strong backlash.

The problem is that many of those shooter fans fall into these categories:

  1. They don’t vote and this won’t really motivate them much
  2. They’re pro gun in real life and #GUNSARELIFE

Yeah, they will think the complaints are stupid but go ahead and vote for Rs.

Of course he is. He’s an out of touch old person and the NRA just fed it to him as a scapegoat.

It was due to the lyrics to Louie Louie.

I thought this was the problem:


Should be fun. They’ll be tons of headlines and thought-pieces meanwhile Trump will have forgotten everything from the meeting 2 hours after it happened but call it a tremendous success when questioned about it a week from now.

It’s so weird being old enough to literally see history repeat itself like this.

So it turns out that videogames can make me want to kill someone.


Heh. I remember when the Beatles were what was wrong.