Trypophobia Nightmare, aka iPhone 11

Uh… I’m supposed to hate this design because the camera blob on the back is “massive”? Just want to make sure we’re all on the same page here.

It just bears a superficial resemblance to trypophobia images, like the one below, which some folks have a real aversion to. (I find them somewhat unsettling.)


ew, that’s gross! I now have an aversion to them.

Those articles are so bad. Angry? Meh.

It doesn’t look great (especially on a grey case), and the current camera bump is already annoying. But, with a case the bump is a nonissue, and I would assume they will be doing some cool trick with 3 lenses. More intrigued than anything else.

I clicked. Why did I click? Why. Did. I. Click?

I have one of these things at my house. Why do they freak people out? It’s just a lotus seed pod.

I think people get weird about it when it’s crossed with human stuff. So jam it into your skin and then take another picture.

Newwwwwwwwwwp. Nope nope nope.

Also the supposed iPhone mocks don’t trigger it for me. I mean, $1200 (if y’all are lucky) for a phone triggers me, but mostly in the way that I want to slap people for spending an $800 premium for the tiniest of marginal value.

Aww man, I think I have trypophobia! I had no idea.

I have an overpowering need to destroy things that look like that. I’ll just hollow them right out. Then I’m fine.

Whenever I see the word “trypophobia” I always think of this Far Side comic -

That’s my all time favorite Far Side comic.

I think the problem with images that trigger this is they make people think of insects - stinging insects in particular, as well as terrible fungal infections. They don’t belong in our human world.

Also, fuck wasps.

In a related tangent, one of Amazon’s daily deals this weekend was this bizarrely laid out battery storage kit:

God, I’ve totally got trypophobia. How did I not realize this until now?

I think this one is my all time favorite -

The first time I had a tryp scare was seeing a picture of a girl with… stuff on her boobs. It was animated. The next one was a thumb with… stuff. Until then I would have said that it didn’t bother me. I actually tried to desensitize myself. That only gave me nightmares. Horrible nightmares. The kind where I’d wake up swinging at things that weren’t there.

Now I just avoid it. If I can.

Boingboing likes to have a graphic of politicians with their eyes being mouths as well that’s sort of triggering.

I’ve seen those. Especially the one of Gary Oldman screaming EVERYBODY! It doesn’t bother me. But I can see how it might.

Sort comes with the territory of having friends who are into the whole Lovecraftian setting.