Trypophobia Nightmare, aka iPhone 11

Every read that Steven King short story about the guy with eyes on his hands?

Or the Buffy episodes with same!

I remember that- it was in the Night Shift collection.

I looked it up… it was called “I am the Doorway”.

Ya, I read it in Night Shift. Apparently it was previously in some sci-fi mag. Apparently it’s been made into multiple movies.


Whoa that’s nice!

Apparently I don’t have this strong response to stuff that others have but I do find some of it kind of, well, gross.

I also don’t see why the batteries are bizarre in their layout. It just looks organized to me.

I was disappointed to discover, at $19.99 batteries are not included.

Same. If Rei is referring to the offset nature of the middle section, that’s done to optimize space. Admittedly, I’m not 100% sure why there are 3 non-offset rows of AAs on the left, but I suspect that’s for rechargeables or something else where you want to distinguish two different types of AAs.

I had to pause at this one, wondering why the dog would put up signs indicating, “Fear Uncertainty Doubt”. I mean, it kinda makes sense? Then I remembered this cartoon was published up probably long before FUD was a thing. This made it a lot easier.

To this day, this is how we write ‘cat food’ on a grocery list.

I don’t understand what is happening in this thread.

Don’t worry, the cat eventually had her revenge… maybe.