Tucker Carlson out of Fox

Tucker Carlson out at Fox News | CNN Business

Do what now? I honestly can’t keep up, was he too far into crazy land or not far enough?

I imagine being the public face of what became a $700m+ settlement was not a good career move.

That’s a surprise.

Glad he is gone, but Fox always has someone worse to follow behind

I guess, but we have to remember than anyone who would care already hated him, and his audience was probably not aware of the lawsuit at all, because they only watch Fox News.

Maybe someone not named Murdock had to be public bloodletting.

Makes you wonder what all is in the settlement with Dominion. Firing people seems like an odd stipulation. Was Carlson and others that are apparently out at Fox being told they had to apologize on air and take the L and they all just bailed? Was it “Do this or you’re out.” ??

None of that is going to be in the settlement. This is Fox making a head roll for their own reasons. Tucker’s a shit both on and off camera, and he just cost them nearly a billion dollars. The fact that his last episode already aired is all you need to hear to know this was a shitcanning.

This 100%. You don’t get an on-air goodbye as the network’s number 1 revenue generating personality? You got shitcanned no matter what the PR says.

Could be that Fox is seeing the direction the wind is blowing in the GOP primary and can’t afford to have someone who is now on the public record trashing Trump in their top opinion slot.

They were all trashing Trump until he won the nomination in 2016.

Nah, this isn’t it. Being “on the record” trashing Trump doesn’t matter, as long as you bend the knee when it counts. Washington Post says all the stuff that came out in discovery about Tucker Carlson badmouthing top Fox brass had a lot to do with it. This is about Tucker being a dingleberry they all wanted to shake loose, and the Dominion payout giving them cover for it.

These communications revealed that Carlsontold confidants that he “passionately” hated former President Donald Trump and that Trump’s tenure in the White House was a “disaster.” He also used misogynistic terms to criticize pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell and reject her conspiracies about the 2020 election – even as those wild theories got airtime on Fox News.

Naw, looks like when the camera was off he wasn’t a full blown demon like Fox wanted him to be.

Sounds likely to me.

Where’s that grim reaper meme… Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, who’s on the next door?

Wait Hannity got axed too? Fuck yeah. Now get the drunk judge and Ingraham

AFAIK Hannity is still with Fox.

What are they doing to my stories??

Aw shit maybe I dreamed that. Ok his name is on the next door. Megyn Kelly is behind Carlson.

My poor dad will be inconsolable. He watched Tucker every night.