Tuesday RoN game killed by sync error!

Fucking hell. Why can’t RoN be more like it’s cousin, AoM?

We have a great 7 player game going, with everyone jostling for position on an East Indies map. Mtkafka’s connection is squirrelly though, as he keeps hanging the game for short pauses. Eventually – no surprise – his connection drops him and we vote to replace him with AI.

At which point the fucking game comes screeching to a grinding halt with an out of sync error. Fucking hell. Fuck. I’ve never been able to successfully play RoN with more than 5, even on my LAN.

Anyway, great fun while it lasted, guys. I sure was looking forward to driving Greg Bemis into the sea.


What a drag!!!

Funny, I was just about to launch an all out assault on that small corner island you were trying to hog… bastard.

Oh well, maybe next time.

Whew,I though it was just me,and I was highly pissed.Lando and I had already devised an ‘Operation Eclipse’ to divide your holdings,Tom.That was a cool map.

Trying to hog? I thought I was doing a pretty good job actually hogging it! :)

But I was worried you were going to go all aggro on me. We Egyptians are a peace-loving, wonder-building race, you know.


Bongboy strikes again.

Yeah, East Indies can be fun. The naval stuff in RoN is pretty cool. Different from other RTSs in some important ways.

Anyway, I know Andrew Bub had posted about getting a game going later. I’ll be out until later tonight, so maybe I’ll see you fellas again tonight.


aye, i thought it was my dialup… i was about ready to attack something anything too!

and i was planning to get some t-80’s someday …

btw, i have played RoN with 5 players ffa… i lost but I was connected ok most of the time! its not my fault! maybe was getting a call doh…


But I was worried you were going to go all aggro on me.

I was. I had a nice little army and was building a few of those fine Korean siege weapons. The hardest part is finding just the right time to declare war.

i also think RoN has alot more data being passed around for an rts game… might be the reason 4 or 5+ players is kinda tough…


I like the naval part of the game,too,and I usually hate RTS naval elements.It would be nice if more real world naval tactics were present,though,rather than just my rock beating up your scissors before losing to your paper which you held in reserve.

The hardest part is finding just the right time to declare war.

Heh! Yeah, you get caught up in that whole, ‘maybe I’ll go up one more age…’ or ‘perhaps I should wait until another trebuchet is built’. And then when you attack, he’s already got defenses!

FWIW, I had a few little dudes quietly garrisoned in some barracks and stables I’d built. :)


I had a diplomacy window open when the drop popup occured; maybe that had something to do with it. Sounds like the sort of thing that wouldn’t get tested.

It would be nice if more real world naval tactics were present

One of the problems is that most maps just don’t have that much naval real estate, so they’re essentially being fought in rivers. I think BHG recommends bumping naval maps up a size from the number of players you’ve got.

But I like the whole fireship subgame, the problems with early land bombardment (basically, you can’t), the way transports work, and the fact that the oceans have strategic locations worth fighting for (whales and later oil).


At the risk of being laughed at… have any of you ever played a large game of Empire Earth? It’s actually pretty fun… with walls and prophets (sounds like AoM) … and I actually like the later ages in EE better than RoN. RoN overall handles economy/tech better than EE, but tactically I think EE is great!

Should have a Qt3 RTS group thing, for different games that is.



Empire Earth was pretty good!

Same with Call to Power 2!



Well, we almost finished a 6 player game.

I was hosting, and after I was eliminated (which is incredibly tedious, BTW; not only do you have zero LOS, you can’t talk at all. I know, balance, but who cares? It’s horible) I got a KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED.

I clicked on the icon for the missile shield that was in progress, which highlighted the library it was being built at. When I double clicked on the library icon to see where, boom.

Jason,I think you can drop out,even when you’re the host,and not have it affect the game.

I thought I might have a chance in this one,since everyone left me alone for a long time,but I ended up succumbing to an alliance between the two strongest players left in the game.I would have loved to stolen a wonder victory,but it was not to be.

Jason, we finished the game after you left but I lost chat around the time you left - so maybe that’s what the result of the error was.

Oh well. Good game all. First time I really used air power effectively - that was pretty exciting.