Turkey Bans Minecraft

Yeah, so apparently this actually happened.

This week, according to reports in local media, Turkey’s Family and Social Policies Ministry decided that Minecraft should be banned.Aysenur Islam, Turkey’s family and social policies minister, ordered an investigation into Minecraft after being told by a journalist that players get points for killing other characters, including women. Now, according to theTurkish newspaper Habertürk, the investigation has concluded that the game does encourage violence in children.
In the report sent to the ministry’s legal department, it was noted that the game allowed users to build homes and bridges but that “mobs” had to be killed to protect these structures. “In short, it is a game based on violence,” the report noted. Minecraft may also mislead children into thinking animals don’t feel pain, the report found, or lead to “social isolation” or online bullying.

Damn, there go my plans to become rich by releasing a Armenian Genocide Remembrance and Memorial mod.