Turkey Day 2021

We’re going to be traveling tomorrow and returning on Sunday, so let me be the first to wish you all a happy and healthy.

I, for one, am particularly grateful to have a site where I can discuss games (and other amusements) with a (relatively) mature and reasonable group of nerds, twerps, and other misfits.


Hope everyone enjoys the holiday.

I’ll be working (shocked face). But at least this year its from home. :)

I go into work at 5 that day. I’ll get to do things with family for a bit at least.
Never know how long we can continue this way.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our neighborhood water main broke and we have to boil all our cooking water. I am grateful that they got it fixed and hopefully they are able to safety test the water soon.

I am also grateful that I am scheduled for my covid booster and only have to go down the block to receive it this time around.

I’m just hoping my oven doesn’t crap out when cooking the turkey. The temperature control board is going bad, leading to the oven erroring and shutting off randomly. It may be days/ weeks between outbreaks, then become unusable for a day or two.

But getting a replacement at Thanksgiving is a no go.

The greatest turkey event in Thanksgiving Day history.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all here at QT3. May all the gaming specials fill your plate in this time of great need (of things to do.)

I’ll be assisting my wife, still not quite mobile after broken ankle surgery. And taking care of our two dogs, on my own. And the house, and chores, its party time at the Skipper house. And of course, since I want to personally atone for all of my sins at once, I’m on-call for work.

But I love all you bastards and I will gladly raise a beer and partake of some grub with you, any day. May you and your families have a great time, and may the Cowboys lose. Amen.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the American QT3! Enjoy your turkey feast, or equivalent meal of choice.

Happy T day to everyone who is celebrating it! I hope your meals are great and any family reunions you are at are amicable and pleasant. Cheers!

I can relate way too much to that bit, haha.

“Bounce a quarter on that thang!”

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

The best part of the last few years of my life is exclusively spending Thanksgiving with friends I love.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!

I’m not a friendsgiving person (nothing wrong with it!), but an upshot of it is not learning a half-hour ago that you are expected to take a family member to the airport tomorrow immediately following an early Thanksgiving dinner. Fun times.

Jesus, the Macy’s Parade telecast sucks. It’s a freakin’ Broadway revue, not a parade. The best thing I saw was a few years ago SkyNews or something was broadcasting from the side of the street at Central Park West. It was just like being there.

Yeah I am watching the stream of it, and its dropping down to 240p a lot.

Spacedog Snoopy!

Yep, just found it.

Whoa that Ronald McDonald balloon is creepy.

Just rewound the parade to the beginning to see all the bands and stuff. This is the way to do it! I love hearing people on the street.

Also, rewinding helps the streaming quality.