Turkey's descent into authoritarianism

I didn’t know there was a thread about Turkey. I saw this video past week about the economical problems

Anticipatory arrests of high profile Kurdish figures, ahead of the anniversary (1999) of the arrest of the PKK founder who has been in custody since (mostly in isolation or solitary confinement).

" The companies are now in the BB and B range of Fitch’s ratings scale, which indicates more risk of default of payments. The New York-based credit rating agency evaluates an entity’s ability to pay back its debt.

Last week, Fitch downgraded the Turkish government as a whole to a B+, citing high inflation and a lack of confidence in policymakers to improve the situation."

past performance no guarantee of future results

My weight is at its highest level, and so cannot increase further!

Official inflation rate now at 70%. The actual figure may be higher according to some experts.

Let’s hope they build more baytracker drones for Ukraine to help offset the country’s money woes.

minority partner divide by zero error

Thanks Obama.

Zeno’s currency valuation here we come!

I would have hoped that after the pandemic people had learned to use log scales, but apparently not.

Currency exchange rates are a ratio between two things, and so should use a log scale. It normally doesn’t matter because the variation is small in absolute terms, but in this case the change is a factor of 7, so it makes the early stage of the curve look worse and the later stage look better than it actually is.

Seasonal wildfires in the southwest already eating up homes and tourist venues. Last year there were a large number of fires, and many would say incompetent firefighting leadership, and I believe a large number of those started as arson. Nobody wants another year like that.