Turks embrace anti-US film

I wonder how much Billy Zane and Gary Busey got paid.


(I wasn’t sure if this belonged here or in P&R, so I flipped a coin. Grats heads!)

Even the doctor - played by Gary Busey - is evil, removing human organs from Iraqi prisoners to send to patients in the US, Israel and Britain.

What is it with this trope? It’s a universal reaction.

Looks alright to me. Plenty of america is the good guy movies out there.

I’m fine with movies where America is the bad guy, as that solidly reflects American foreign policy, but give me a break – a nationalistic Turkish film about this stuff? Talk about throwing stones from inside a glass palace… What about the Turkish government’s genocide of Kurds? That’s a nasty piece of work that makes America’s imperialist machinations look tame.

I’d watch that too, bring on the evil turk movie.

Why would the Turks want to make a film about commiting genocide? That won’t break any box office records.

It’s a modern day tale about a hero who sets out to get revenge on the bad guys, and stops an evil organ smuggling ring in the process. I expect it involves guns that never run out of ammo, explosions, car chases, and the villian explaining everything to the gallant special forces agent when he captures him somewhere near the end of the film.

Busey’s next film.

Yeah, this should have been in P&R.

In Turkey, nationalism is the opiate of the masses. Every single person there has been brainwashed from an early age into repeating and believing a simplistic, sanitized fairy-tale story of how the Turkish nation came into being: “The Greeks and the Armenians were killing innocent Turkish civilians but the glorious army kicked them out of our beloved country without harming them. The baby-killers just ran away when they heard the Turks were coming.” This version of events is reinforced through primary and secondary-school. When enlightened, educated Turks point this out, they’re told to shut the fuck up and renounce their position, or face political imprisonment.

It’s going to be very difficult to get Turks to acknowledge that some of the founding fathers of their nation were murderous bastards. The self-identity of a Turk is centered heavily around the Turk as a victim. Hence their xenophobia. To learn that there were Turks playing the role of the oppressor is not something they can wrap their heads around.

Arguing with most Turks over Armenia is like arguing politics with GideonGamer or CindySue. The self-reinforcement of Gideon’s blind religious beliefs and Cindy’s blind patriotism just serves to make them that much more resistant to the truth. It’s very much the same deal with Turks. Anything you say that attacks a foundation of their belief just makes their force fields stronger.

Evil Corporate Shill Disclaimer: I’m half Turkish.

So guys, when do we meet to burn down the Turkish embassy? I’ll bring the crude effigies if someone else can bring easily flammable Turkish flags.

Turk 182 was a nice movie though.

It was, briefly.

I’m genuinely intrigued.

People comes to Garys threads for the tittilating possibility of the Whittalink, but they stay for the old world charm and pleasent company.

I’m afraid of anyone coming because of a whittalink O.o

These kinds of movies make me feel smug. No matter how awful the US happens to be right now, we can’t hold a candle to the terror regimes that the Middle East has spawned.

Yah, well except that we spawned them. Hmmm, well except for Turkey I guess, we just funded them.

Yeah it’s a shame that Turkish cinema doesn’t have the same commitment to veracity and historical accuracy that Hollywood has.

(Note: not being ‘holier than thou’ here - I’d include the British film industry too - if we had one)

He’s not just an evil doctor, he’s an evil Jewish doctor!

And with the way Busey and Zane’s careers have been going, I’m sure they were just glad to be eating that week.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Gary Busey is playing a jewish doctor? Man, I thought The Rock as Magnum P.I. was inspired casting.

Edit: I just reread the BBC article, no mention of the doctor being jewish. Was I just trolled?

Yes, it looks perfectly okay - except the only organ that could possibly stay viable long enough to transport from Abu Ghraib to the US, Israel, or Britain for transplant is the kidney, and no fucking transplant surgeon on Allah’s Green Earth would accept one. Kidney matching above any other organ has the highest fidelity of matching tests, and it’s completely stupid to try to match potential donors from other countries due to the obvious ethnic and thus genetic differences evident. Jesus Fucking Christ, let’s praise a film based partially upon an impossible premise simply because “plenty of america is the good guy movies out there,” whatever the Hell that pidgin nonsense is supposed to actually mean.

My stuntman friend has nothing but bad things to say about Gary Busey. Sadly, none he will let me repeat in a public forum (except that he is the anti-Tom Hanks).

It’s a Turkish action movie.

You might as well rip into Steven Segal because “40 men couldn’t take over a battleship it’s too big, and no way would a chef save the day, they arent trained for that”