Turks embrace anti-US film

Gary Busey is now one of my all time favuorite guys, right there, just behind the anti Robin Williams, whoever that might be.

You need a better example, because I am ready and willing to rip into any and all Steven Segal films I’ve had the misfortune of seeing. I mean, come on, he’s in a coma for five years and then regains consciousness just in time to beat up the three guys who came to kill him.

Oh wait, I think that does prove your point.

Did you see the High Chaparral episode with Gary Busey? Guy’s completely freaking insane.

My wife and I were in the Ft. Dallas airport and watched an extremely inebriated Gary Busey get golf carted down the aisle to his taxi. The stewardesses followed a few minutes later saying what a disgusting pig he is to deal with.

Here’s the article I read when I first heard about this movie: http://aolsvc.news.aol.com/movies/article.adp?id=20060202084309990001

AOL Entertainment News?

Has it come to this Brad, has it really come to this?

I just followed someone else’s link on another message board.

Try watching I’m With Busey sometime without your eyeballs bleeding. It’s wierd, but for such a repugnant, undeniably poor actor, I still have a soft spot for him. Movies like this one only cement his reputation as the greatest human being, ever.

If Tom Hanks and the anti-Tom Hanks ever meet, well, what an ignoble way for the universe to end.

Yeah! and in STAR WARS- they had these DUMB FUCKING ENERGY SWORDS?!? what the hell? AND robots that didnt just have the one car building arm, but walked and talked and shit! WHRE DO PEOPLE GET THIS TRIPE? ALL LIES!!!

The filmmakers acknowledge that it’s ‘70% made up’ or whatever. It’s a bunch of crap, because its a goddamned movie. Apocolypse now was also a bunch of hooey, so are tons of movies.

There’s a big difference between a movie set in a far-off fantasy world, and one which purports to take place in this one.

You can’t bring up Star Wars in a thread about Turkey without also mentioning Turkish Star Wars.

then quote the bit about apocolypse now and argue with that part of the post as well? or did we have crazy officers turned mini emporers creating their own feifdoms during vietnam? WHERE IS THAT OUTRAGE? What about the travolta ‘clintonesque’ presidential campaign trail movie? You can base a movie on non-facts and set it during current events. I’m not even ‘praising’ it as Dungrossman accused me of, I was just saying ‘sounds alright to me’ - organ theft is a creepy topic of mild interest. cheeseball, but creepy. hell, it almost made me watch and episode of Vegas.

It’s like getting pissy about the A-Team.

‘wrongfully acussed by the US gov’t? Our gov’t would NEVER do that! and hunting those fine men down while they tried to better society and help people in need? Claiming that to be true is just terrible- the show shouldnt exist! wont someone please think of the children who might be the american government!’

The Patriot is one of my favourite comedies. I’ve yet to see this Turkish film, but The Patriot’s whimsical, anti-British take on history would be hard to beat. One of my favourite aspects of the film is its portrayal of the French. This hugely influential force in the shaping of American history was reduced to a comedy midget general, whose only use was as a vehicle for telling stories of British villainy.

Right up there with Braveheart for nasty things done to British people by Mel Gibson. Honestly, I was surprised the Jews in The Passion didn’t speak Aremaic with an English accent.

I like the “Passion of the Christ” because none of that stuff really happened.

What about the US support for the turkish govt.s actions?

Like the fact that 80% of the military arms come from the US.

What about the fact that Turkish people - intellectuals, working people, etc. all opposed the actions of their govt. and participate in civil disobediance to this day? You can’t say the same for most Americans about the Iraqi genocide for the past 15 years.

And please, dont try to say the mass starvation of 2 million people - half a million of them children - is “tame” compared to ANYTHING.

American mass murders are not “imperialist machinations” but real crimes with real victims. Clients of the American govt. shoudlnt be used as points of reference