Turning English-to-Japanese translation into a party

A “translation party.”

Can you find equilibrium?

Mine got pretty far, and it’s a fairly simple sentence.

Sutabakkusuhippu is apparently a word in English?

Even the primal law of QT3 is clear in translating.

Also, choose your favorite.

immediate equilibrium

All aspects of justice, inequality, oppression of the weak path of evil.

Looking for the good old spell

My best one yet: His black car, engine, fuel bones of the king of the world’s blood rush, I like to fill the holes without fear Kono.

Aaaand, I’ve broken it with the power of KUNG FU TREACHERY!

“May I mambo dogface to the banana patch?” worked surprisingly well.

I have most respected thinkers in one forum.

He caught a land war in Asia.

These were all generated from well-known palindromes; can you name them?

  1. His canal - Panama plans!
  2. I immediately saw Elba
  3. I’m looking for a rat?
  4. Basil Risabonetto ate.
  5. Damn, I’m angry!
  6. Rats live in the evil stars.
  7. That car, I saw a cat do?

1 is obviously A man, a plan, a canal – Panama!

They do indeed.

Macbeth did not go over well in Japan.

Whereas Elvis lyrics should be posted in the Newbie’s Guide to QT3.

Also, Wolverine offers solid financial advice.


Even better.

Have you played Atari today?

Translates perfectly. Spooky.

Somehow I don’t think Tom would be gobsmacked by American Pie if this was the lyric.