TV-Card woes

I bought a Hauppage Win-TV PCI card a couple of days ago, mostly so that I could use my PS2 with my monitor. At first it worked great, but yesterday something went horribly wrong. I was playing Mercenaries, which I had bought the same day to celebrate my new TV-setup, and just after I had finished the first mission the screen froze. I flipped channels, and all the channels were black. Ok, I think, no big deal. I’ll just shut everything down and reboot. Now, here’s the good part.

When I start up windows again I’m told that my computer has found new hardware (the TV-card) and it needs drivers. This is a serious WTF moment, because I can’t figure out anything I have done that would hose my drivers. I dig out the install CD and try to re-install the card, only to have Windows tell me that it can’t find any drivers. I then head to the manufacurers webpage to download new drivers from there. Still no luck. At this point I uninstall the software and the drivers with a manufacturer-supplied cleanup utility, remove the card from my PC and do the whole install process again. Now I get through the install alright, but when I go to start up the WinTV program I get the error message “can not locate capture filter”, “can not build filtergraph” and finally “WinTV initialisation error. hTV=0”

That was last night at 22:30. I played around with new drivers a bit, until I realised that it wasn’t going to work and decided to go to bed and contact tech support today.

After a brief conversation with tech support and jumping through the basic hoops (DirectX, video card drivers, video display mode, etc) I’m still waiting for a reply.

And Mercenaries is just lying at my desk, waiting to be played. Argh!

Problem solved. Two hours after my reply-mail, I heard from tech support again suggesting that I install the card in another PCI slot, and that did the trick. I’m now playing Mercenaries and having a blast :D

I’d still like to know how the hell my drivers could get corrupted while I was in the middle of playing a game, I have a hard time believing it was because of a faulty PCI-slot.