TV - Hiding Mute Icon

Recently, I have got my hands onto an Acer AT3220, a 2 years old 32" lcd tv. The image quality is okay, but the built-in speakers are extremely poor as they have this low humming noise constantly. I have dug around the internet and this seems to be a common problem. I guess this is what I get for paying virtually nothing.

Not willing to give up so easily, I found out that the humming noise disappears when the mute is on but the mute icon would stay on the screen as long as it is muted. So here I seek your help, how can I hide the mute icon while keeping the speakers mute?

Extra info
-“Disable Speakers” is not found in the settings.
-No headphone output.
-At volume 0, the humming sound persists.

And dialing the volume down to 0 doesn’t do it?

At volume 0, the humming sound persists.

Clip the wires going to the speakers?

In that case I agree with Talisker. The icon is there by design and I can’t see how to remove it - cut the wires.

I am a total noob in this area, sorry.

Does that mean I have to open the chassis and cut the wire connecting to the speakers?

Cutting the wire would be my last solution. I am looking for something more in the softmod side. Possibly via the service menu. Problem is that I can’t even find the service menu on the net :(.

I have a similar problem with my older model Olevia LCD. Unfortunately, I can’t offer any advice on how to fix the problem though.

Goof around with the other sound settings, like switching to mono, or…um…nope, I got nothing.
There are audio line out connectors for you to redirect the sound to a receiver or something?

There’s an easy solution if you have a good drill. PM me for it; I can’t discuss it openly.

Cover the mute icon with a piece of masking tape or some liquid White-Out, problem solved! No more mute icon!

Turn on CC.

Now you have a bunch of annoying text to distract you from your mute icon.

I really think cutting the speaker wire (or removing the speakers that are probably just screwed in) is the only option here.

Yeah cutting the speaker wires is easy. You can also just reattach them later if you want to, again very easy to do.

Of course, getting into a service menu (assuming it has a disable speakers option) would be better yet. But if you can’t find a remote code for this easily on google it probably doesn’t exist. You probably want to ask around on avsforum just to be sure though.


So, no audio outputs whatsoever? No composite stereo or optical or coax connector? Strange for an HDTV. Because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a TV with audio outs that doesn’t offer a setting to switch to external sound that invisibly mutes the built in speakers.

Seems that way. I managed to track down the manual of this TV. Also the first one I’ve seen with no audio out whatsoever.

Reminds me of when you’d come across a super cheap CRT TV that only had a single RF input. There’s no excuse!

Thanks for all the suggestions! No luck with the service menu code yet.

I will try cutting the speakers wire this weekend.