Tversity Server- transcode video to Xbox 360 using vanilla XP

Saw this on another forum, and did a search here, which came up blank. Apparently, TVersity server (a general-purpose media server) has added the ability to transcode various video formats (whatever codecs you have installed, really) into WMV on the fly for streaming to your 360. I know that some of you are interested in this, so I figured I’d spread the word.

It was such a pain to just get regular media streaming working on my 360 that I was a bit hesitant, but yesterday I took the plunge, and got it working without too much trouble. I did have a problem with the 360 seeing my PC on the network, but I had the same problem with the media server in WMP 11 and Zune, so I think it’s a problem with my particular XP installation.

Anyway, Here is the relevant post on their forums. Don’t skip the part about WMP 11, as it apparently has better/faster WMV encoders, and don’t skip the part about FFDshow- I guess mine was out of date because I was having problems with Divix/Xvid until I installed the latest version.

As it stands, it’s converting Heroes episodes flawlessly, though I am keeping the res at 640X480 (I don’t own an HDTV…yet). Word on the street is that you can upconvert to 720p using this thing, but it takes a MONSTER PC to do it.

No it’s not perfectly ideal, but it’s pretty damned good. I can almost get rid of my original Xbox w/XBMC now- I just need to find a way to play region-free DVDs. :/

I’m doing the drop convert of xvids and divx via VLC and a script someone posted. It works, not flawlessly, but enough to watch shows and not get terribly annoyed. I get miscolors, blocks, and blips about 1-3 per episode.

This would save a hell of a lot of disk space for me though. Do you see any of the artifact effects from transcoding or any dropouts due to it being “on-the-fly”?

I actually already posted a link on how to do this in the Hardware forum, responding to a thread.

neat, but I’ve already converted everything to WMV, so shrug

Damn. I did a serch for ‘TVersity’ and when it came up blank, I was a bit surprised.

I haven’t noticed any artifacting, but I haven’t had too much experience with it yet. Videos seemed slightly less ‘crisp’ than normal, but I may be imagining that- it’s that slight. For reference I’m using a ‘HDTV’ rip of Heroes, it’s properties listed as resolution 624X352. I set the TVersity server to output at 640X480, and the only problem I’ve had is that occasionally get a hiccup-pause where the video needs to catch up to where it is in the show. It pretty much starts immediatly though, and I suspect that if I was just to start it, push pause for a minute and go get a drink, I could come back and watch the whole thing. For reference, I’m streaming over a wired network, from an Athlon 2400+ PC with a gig of ram.

Really? Wow. I guess MS’ evil plan to finally get people to use WMV is actually working on some people. :grin:

Hrm. Sounds like I shouldn’t have a problem then, except maybe with wireless. I have a beefy PC, and a solid 802.11G connection. Great choice in shows, that’s what I’m watching as well.

Oh, and btw- this works alongside the ‘normal’ wmp11 media server- when you first connect (in ‘Network’ settings on the 360), you have a choice of servers- one will be your computer’s name, and the other will say TVersity. You can switch back and forth between them at will. That said, you don’t need to- I just set up the TVersity server to share my music and photos folders just like WMP, and it works flawlessly. I was running around Tamriel listening to Johnny Cash .ogg files all night.

So when you went over the super high bridges in the Oblivion Gates did you pop open a beer and queue up “Walk the Line?” :)

I dont steal much, I’ve just got a bunch of rare shaw bros kung fu that had to be imported at $40 a pop or just donwloaded. I went w/ the DL. So it was just like 40 movies, took a few days, but I got it automated with some clunky ass app.

Out of curiousity: what does TVersity do with subtitles? Do they work?

No idea. I don’t infringe on copyright much either. Heroes and Battlestar episodes are pretty much it. I don’t download movies, so I don’t know how subtitles work. Then again, my girlfriend works at pretty much the greatest video store in the world, so I don’t have to worry too much about access to those. Hence the comment about needing to play region-free DVDs.

And the app isn’t clunky-ass, either. It’s pretty slick, and once you set it up, it’s pretty much done, and you never need to fiddle with it again- it just runs in the background like the WMP11 server.

I never called tversity clunky, I’ve never ever used it.

Although the media server runs in the background, you may find it’s best to simply stop the service when you’re not actually using it. It uses an exciting amount of CPU when running on mine, even if not actively streaming/transcoding.

Aside from that, though, it’s definitely a good thing.

EDIT: …except for a problem with the current version where sometimes the video will stop a minute, give or take, before the end. Apparently a known issue that a future release is slated to fix; hope that’s soon. On the plus side, I spoke far too soon about the cpu usage thing–it sometimes takes a little while after using it, but it drops back down to background idle level soon enough. So once the premature end thing gets fixed, I’d certainly recommend it over manually converting everything over to wmv, and especially over installing Zune software.