Twenty-six percent of game players are flat-out wrong

In order of importance, people admit that the factors that influence their game purchases are genre interest, then graphics, and finally storyline. Good news for publishers! On the bad news side, 34% of gamers don’t buy more games because the games they already own are keeping them busy, 30% say they just play free stuff, and 24% of you cheapskates are waiting for better prices.

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That’s me right there!

Oh hi there me!

Granted when you get about 10 hours of gaming a month, it’s not hard to keep busy with what you have.

Come on, everybody knows you can’t turn on your Nintendo without a Nintendo Switch.

I am the 24%

They need numbers on how many are just endlessly shoveling more games onto the pile, never to get through them all.

Presumably that’s the missing 12%.

I’m both in the “cheapskate” and “backlog from Hell” camps. The former principally because of the latter. Case in point, I’ve been wanting to try out Spintires for a while, but even $7.50 was “eh, I can wait” territory because I’ve got so much else to play. Finally bought it on Bundlestars today for 4 bucks.

My 1600+ Steam games will one day all be played, heed my words!

xx.xx% waiting for DRM to be removed before purchase :-)

Oh yea, a huge backlog or F2P like Warframe/LOTRO kinda makes it difficult to buy anything at launc for full price, since you’ll probably not be playing them “at the price they were sold at”.

That said, I had no problem throwing down 100$ or whatever it was for Galciv 3 ‘founder pack’ for example, as Stardock hasn’t treated their customers like shit like so many other companies have done over the years.

Yep good enough to ship is no longer good enough for me to buy. I won’t pay the full price for almost there. I have too much here

to do that anymore.

“26% of game players prefer a mobile device over a console or PC as their primary game platform.”

Seems low to be honest. Given the actual revenues and users on mobile vs other platforms.

On the physical vs. digital side of things, this was published recently:

And yet, far too high considering how terrible touchscreens are as a gaming (or indeed, general purpose) interface.

Preference, not necessarily exclusively mobile, I think.