Twilight Patrol

My historical fantasy novel Twilight Patrol is now available from Alban Lake Publishing. This is a World War One story with a lot of period aviation action in the skies of a Celtic otherworld.

Currently only available as paperback for some reason, but I assume the ebook version will be up shortly.

I mean Celtic underworld biplane-ing? I must admit i’ve never thought of such a thing, but you have my attention! I think i’ll wait till the ebook if that’s ok.

I do hope our hero crosses between worlds by flying through a dolmen to get there.

Wouldn’t quite fit… but he does walk into a cromlech, if that works for you :)

A very cool concept! I will put it on my (ridiculously long) reading list!

Please post when the ebook is available. Sounds really good.

The Amazon listing is a bit spare. It looks like it’s a reseller selling it. Is your publisher going to list it there? There’s currently no description of the book.

Anyway, congrats. It’s exciting to see your book published.

The publisher is not even quarter-assed in many respects. I’ll have to bother them about the amazon listing.

Look what I finally have! (Via Kent County library)

Now on the top of the reading stack!

Holy shit! A library bought my book! I’m amazed! I hope you like it!

And yeah, there’s still no ebook to buy. I have to bother the publisher again.

I have a bone to pick with you, @Miramon. Twilight Patrol is great and all, but where’s my Harry-and-Marie-explore-Fairyland followup? :) In all seriousness, well done!

Ha. Delighted you liked it! I’m working on the sequel now.

Will definitely look out for the ebook. Just don’t read print anymore to speak of or I would order it that way and to heck with it.

Oh good, I was hoping there would be more. I felt that Twilight Patrol left a lot to explore, not only in Fairyland but also in our world. Morrigan dropping hints about trying to prevent suffering in our world was intriguing! Presumably stopping the slaughter didn’t do us any favors in that regard in this case, but I could see all kinds of possibilities for similar things down the road.

At long last the publisher has finally posted the ebook version. I can’t tell you how frustrating it’s been waiting for them all this time. It’s almost as if they don’t understand that people want to buy ebooks in preference to expensive paperbacks.

Hey, that’s good timing, though. More quarantine reading material!

Hooray. That was all I was waiting on.