Twilight Struggle tournament redux


Yeah, put that @Brian_Reynolds away from us!


Great idea, Great Atlantic.

Can people please post their time zones?


I’m under JST influence.


CST here (though perhaps EST soon)



p.s. “Post must be 5 characters, have you tried the heart button”


PST here.


Mountain Standard Time.


Same as Mr Reynolds - EDT


I’m in… Asian time zone? UTC +8 here.


Depends where you live: China Standard Time, Australia West Standard Time, Hong Kong Standard Time, Indonesia Central Time are all UTC +8.


I am in : UTC/GMT +2


Greatatlantic is EST, USA, USA, USA!!!


A guy with Atlantic in the name lives on the Atlantic coast region? Say it ain’t so!


European Time, battleground +1


If there is still space, I’d love to play in this one! I’m in EST now.


Strangely enough, I do now, but did not when I picked the name almost out of the ether in the year 2000.


So has this sort of fallen by the wayside?


I’ve been away from the game for a bit, but glad to join if the tourney is still happening.


I am traveling but will sit down and arrange when I get back on Sunday.


You’re in. What is your time zone?