Twin Peaks is coming back in 2016

— Alan

Yes! I wonder if we’ll see any of the old cast members.

One wonders if this wasn’t the plan all along, given Agent Cooper and his fate… and now that I’ve read the article - sweet!!! Lynch and Frost for the limited series.

One gripe tho, I felt that the original series was so much better because Lynch had to be creative due to network tv rules. Showtime may give him too much license…


Hyped as hell. Happy I watched it a few years ago.

I’d be thrilled by this news if I hadn’t seen the way season 1 petered out, the way season 2 was completely awful, and the way the movie managed to be even worse than that.

Awesome. Now hopefully that gum I like will come back in style.

Crazy news! Lynch directing all the episodes is certainly a cause for optimism.

I’m…cautiously optimistic but totally expecting a train wreck.

Speaking purely for myself, Lynch’s train wrecks are more interesting than many other filmmaker’s masterpieces.

I blame a lot of that on the extension from 8 episodes to something that was supposed to become an ongoing cash cow series after the first couple of episodes.

In a way, the reverse of that happened. Mark Frost and David Lynch had no interest in every resolving the murder of Laura Palmer but were forced to by the network. There wasn’t much else to do at that point except I guess “Tales from Twin Peaks” that took up the remainder of season 2. Hell of a cliffhanger ending, though.

That’s how I always viewed it. They had a series finale written for season 1 but scrapped it when the show became a national phenomenon. I hadn’t heard that Frost and Lynch didn’t want to reveal the killer at all, but I do believe they didn’t expect it to go further than one season.

The Log? It will have something to say about this…

Sad that demon Bob actor is dead, so we won’t see him again. Also Josie’s husband got killed over a fight in a donut store. But i’m sure we’ll see lots of other returning cast members, including Kyle Maclachlan.

It’s so perfect for it to be returning on the 25th anniversary of that line that Laurie Palmer/demon said in the Black Lodge in the last episode. The announcement incorporating that line gave me chills.

This is just such an unexpected gift to us long-time fans of the show. I was living on my own for the first time - well, renting a room - and I managed to get permission to use the single TV in the house to watch the premiere of the show, and ever episode afterwards. It was just a tumultuous time in my life, I can remember so many details so vividly, including what I was eating during the premiere. The show was a little oasis to me, at the time. I really can’t believe that we’re going to get the opportunity to rejoin the show and cast. Such incredible news.

At first I thought this was going to be a reboot. I’m kind of tired of reboots. Even if it might be interesting to see a modern take on the material. But just a straight up “third season” of sorts? Yeah, count me in.

Aw, I had no idea that that guy who played BOB had died!

I’m excited about this. The standards of TV have risen and the artistic freedom given to creators is unprecedented. And as long as Mark Frost is there as Lynch’s partner, I’m hopeful he can keep it on the rails juuuust enough.

Dan O’Herlihy played Andrew Packard (Josie’s husband). He died of natural causes at 85. Jack Nance (the actor you’re thinking of) played Pete Martell who was more like a father figure to Josie and not her husband.

Nance’s death (and life, really) was a thoroughly Lynchian affair.

This is my preferred version of Twin Peaks.

I have a personal connection to Twin Peaks, as I grew up right down the street from the Palmer house, and I remember the day when they filmed the exteriors.