Twin Peaks is coming back in 2016


Fool me once…


Bob? Is that you?


HAEY KCUF!!! As this actor would say.

Absolutely can’t wait for this to come back, but one question, when each character runs into Donna for the first time in this series, do they have to mentioned the disfiguring car accident she must have been in during the hiatus?


There’s no reason to even have Donna as a character anymore, and since Lara Flynn Boyle is presumably unavailable, that would be the best option. Presumably there will be a lot of new, younger characters, in addition to the vets who return.

Anyone pick up the new Twin Peaks collection that arrived this summer? Aside from being a new HD collection, it has 90 extra minutes of footage that was cut from Lynch’s Fire, Walk with Me, movie, which I’d love to see. Collection is going for $120 still though, so I’ll wait for it to come down in price.


David Lynch has pulled out. Said he’s not happy that Showtime isn’t spending enough for what he envisions. project still going on, though. He shouldnt be surprised; Showtime has never had deep pockets.


A shame… but, you know what? I think I’d be cool with a show run just by Mark Frost.


No Lynch, not interested. Look at Season 2, when Lynch’s involvement waned.


Maybe…just not Twin Peaks. My interest level has gone from 90% to hovering somewhere just above 10%.


This is really disheartening. Apparently Lynch’s scripts for all of the episodes, co-written with Frost, are all already done, so if this goes ahead it’ll still have Lynch’s contribution, but he’s far more skilled as a director than a writer.


Without Lynch’s involvement, this now holds zero interest for me.


Is there any chance of Showtime coughing up more money to get him back at this point—is this still part of “negotiation”, or is that pretty unlikely?


Showtime has stated that they are trying to resolve issues. Lynch going nuclear hopefully doesn’t mean it’s too late.


…and now Lynch is back on board.

— Alan


Yes, and the season will be longer than previously announced, Lynch to direct all episodes! Yaay


It’s crazy how long this has been in production, but it’s finally nearing. Sorta.


My favorite kind of trailer! Wonder if Chris Isaak (from Fire walk with me) will make an appearance too…


Hope so - I lost interest in FWWM when Isaak’s agent disappeared from the movie. Uh, spoilers or something?


Between this and the Blade Runner 2049 trailer, it’s hard to pick which revival trailer debuting today is best.


How did I not know this was a thing?

Put it right on the Christmas (wish) List!