Twin Peaks is coming back in 2016


Holy crap, is that Bobby Briggs (ok yeah, forgot the actor’s name)? If so, he must be Peggy Lipton’s living, breathing Dorian Gray portrait.


Seriously. She’s 70.


They look SO OLD.


Good grief, I never made the connection between “Mod Squad, Rashida Jones’ mom Peggy Lipton,” and “Norma Jennings in Twin Peaks Peggy Lipton.” Huh.

I wonder if Sherilyn Fenn will tie another knot in a cherry stem.


She’s probably running one eyed Jacks


I’ll just leave these here.

[details=Twin Peaks Star Pics Card 59:Leland Palmer]

Twin Peaks Star Pics Card 59

Nickname: Lee
Birth date: 2/26/44
Sign: Pisces
Likes: Forties and fifties music
Education: University of Washington; University of Washington Law School
Actor: Ray Wise

As a third year law student, I was elected editor of the University of Washington Law Review. In addition, I won U of W’s prestigious Moot Court Competition as well as awards for “Best Brief” and “Best Oral Argument.” Today, I have a successful law practice that specializes in corporate and securities law.

I am able to handle complicated international business deals. I love to dance and sing; some say that I have a better-than-adequate tenor voice. I am a scratch golfer.



“Diane…” The Twin Peaks Tapes Of Agent Cooper is available on the Internet Archive now.


Ha, I owned that back in the day. Along with the Last Days of Laura Palmer, the book that predates/contradicted Fire Walk With Me. Man, I was such a fiend for Twin Peaks back then.


So this is starting soon… anyone know how much knowledge of a 25 year old show is needed to enjoy the new season? Debating a rewatch but I have so many other things I could be watching.


According to this article from Variety, you would be better off watching Fire Walk With Me.

Here is the key quote:

One last clue from Lynch: The film “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me,” he says, is very important to understanding what’s coming May 21.


I am so damned hyped for this. Four episodes in one night. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Yesterday I watched this very well done summary/recap

So I’m ready!


Why four? I thought it was from 9-11 tonight.


It is. But if you pay for the stupid Showtime streaming app thing, you get next week’s two episodes tonight as well. But only through the streaming app. Some people are saying it’ll also be on their on-demand thing, but no one’s certain.


Just gonna leave this for ya’ll


Fantastic. I really enjoyed the first four episodes. At a surface level, the acting is sometimes terrible, but really it’s just a pleasure to watch and I have no idea what’s going on. Enjoyed the scene with Madeline Zima, although I didn’t recognise her.


Finished the four episodes!

It’s interesting that while it’s a direct continuation of how the story ended, telling what people wanted (What happened with Cooper and evilCooper) the style is totally different.
It will be interesting to see if when the story focus again on Twin Peaks proper that style/tone will also come back, or maybe Lynch is just uninterested in retreading back or in nostalgia.

As a flaw I have to say the humor isn’t working for me, mostly. You are going to say [I]“but buuut that’s the closest to original Twin Peaks!!”[/I], however there is a difference in context: the original seasons of TP had a different tone, with the goofy/chirpy characters, innocent scenes, soap opera parts, idealized small town (even if it had dark secrets) and all that. Here it’s jarring because most of the episodes are slow, unnerving, violent and darkly surreal and then it transitions to some very silly comedy sketch, which usually is also too long for its own good, comedy-wise. It feels shoe-horned to fulfill expectations of what Twin Peaks is.

Related episode 4 spoilers:

[SPOILER]the scene in the casino was ok, but then it continues on and on in the house with the wife and family. Hell, I think all of it was Lynch trying to play smart with the audience and create expectations until he drinks the coffee, the audience expected to finally recover with it, but nope!
And it’s so stupid, I could see how the confusion could appear when he dealt with strangers but I had to roll my eyes when the wife didn’t notice his husband wasn’t behaving in a normal way (and had a totally different hair color and hairtcut, and was much thinner). As a minimum maybe she should believe it’s her husband but think he had a brain stroke or something.[/SPOILER]

Plot-wise, well, to everyone surprise isn’t being that hard to follow. Obviously there are mysteries related to it, but the key plot points are:

-The possession has an expiry date: 25 years.
-Cooper is going to return to the real world and the doppelganger will return to the Black Lodge.
-Doppelganger has a plan to avoid it: he somehow made a fake Cooper so he will get absorbed in his stead. The ring may have served a purpose for that?
-Cooper returns but both Doppelganger (evil Cooper) and Cooper are impaired, only one can exist at the same time. Evil Cooper planned to kill real Cooper at the moment of return, but he was lucky.
-FBI got in contact with evil Cooper but they suspect something isn’t right. [/SPOILER]

And that’s it. Now some details / side plots / background info we got teased

[SPOILER]-Evil Cooper may have a business relationship with the Casino owner. Fake Cooper seems to have also a relationship with the casino company, so there is plot thread there.
-Hawk is implicated in helping Cooper through the Log Lady, but for now I think this a plot thread introduced so there is at least a little of Twin Peaks inhabitants in the main story.
-The glass box.

  1. It serves to catch or attract lodge spirits, so it was built to a) rescue Cooper or b) capture Bob spirit, or similar evil spirits. In any of the two cases it seems the billionaire behind it (Audrey?) is part of the ‘good guys’.
  2. It’s very suspicious the girl visited just when the guard was mysteriously missing, and that Cooper appeared in the box just at that moment, making the watcher miss him for few seconds. I think the girl was hired by one of the bad guys (Evil Cooper through the casino owner) for that purpose, or was a journalist that was fooled and directed to that place and time.
    -The strange murder in another town. At first I thought it was Bob that had learn to be more efficient: posses someone temporally, do the killing, then return to his Cooper body. But it seems it was another similar evil spirit, in the wife body. Now, we don’t know why Evil Cooper kills her, it may be expanded upon in the next episodes and related to the main story, or it maybe that evil spirits are evil and feel no allegiance to his similar kindred.[/SPOILER]


Just one question I had after the first two episodes: how in the hell is Jacque Renault alive? Or was that just an easter egg?


To my great shame i have never watched the original Twin Peaks, though i’m quite aware of its existence and the cultural impact it had, as well as a lot of the superficial cultural visual and aesthetic impact it had, partly because i was probably a bit young to care about it at the time and partly because it wasn’t easily available to watch again until very recently.

I personally get dreadfully bored with most TV and films, but i’m going to try to watch Fire Walk with Me first and then this series (and then Stranger Things). I feel almost a generational and cultural obligation to do so. Await for my report on the experience!


Eh, just watch that one hour video linked above.