Twin Peaks is coming back in 2016


Yep, I liked ep 8 and the biggest flaw of the new season is Dougie. He was funny for… half an episode. But doing 4-6 episodes of Dugie behaving like a severely autistic 3 years old isn’t exactly thrilling, interesting, insightful or funny (once they repeat the same joke x times).


Dougie’s awesome! I loved it when he karate chopped the assassins throat WHACK!

But i think its intentional that we are ‘forced’ to watch a childlike, even almost a walking toddler character. I have no idea what Lynch is saying, but its obvious intentional. I think possibly its direct to the audience wanting for Dale Cooper to return…almost like a long lost friend who has not just amnesia but Alzheimer… wanting them to be back as them or there former ‘true’ identity. I think Lynch wants people to experience some kind of longing for him to come back even before we as the audience even wanted it. like it was expected. the forced comedy feels buffonish tragic in a way. also, it kind of seems like a zoolike look at Dougies middle class mans life (or at least a tv drama constructed life) like a Far Side comic but with Dougie the toddler.

Anyway, I love the show so far, but it can be boring … i fell asleep and had to rewind a few times. But I say let him do what he wants. Likely this could be Lynch’s last major project.


That way of thinking is a trap. And it’s funny because I’m hearing similar thoughts from lots of Lynch fans watching the series.

Scenes that are too slow and barely contribute to anything? He is creating a mood!
Bad special effects?_ (not in the last ep, but in some parts of the previous ones) _It’s a style!:
Bad acting? (like in the crash scene) It’s done for specific purposes!
Dougie filling 40% of the series? It’s ok because surely it’s a symbolism for something deep here.

It’s all intentional. It’s Lynch, he cannot make any mistakes!

Look, I’m not saying it’s unintentional. I’m saying some parts are bad.


I can’t agree there at all.

Is what he is doing uninteresting to you? Fine, that’s normal for any director’s work.

Is any of it “bad?” I’m not sure what bad means here. Unsettling? Clumsy? Poorly shot or edited? Poorly written? I don’t think those are fair words to use with Lynch. He’s no Uve Boll.

Is anything he is doing unintentional, or accidental? Absolutely not. Lynch is an extremely meticulous director, I’d wager that damned near nothing you see on screen wasn’t planned. The only example I can think of from anything I’ve ever seen of his is that fortuitous moment when the stagehand ended up on film, and he became Bob.

Lynch knows exactly what he is doing, and he loves to perplex, to annoy, even to enrage his viewers. We put up with it because the payoff is worth it.


I’ll cut Lynch some slack because he knows what he’s doing. Some people say The Shining is boring, but I cut those people some slack because they’re stupid. Kidding! Lynch does use repetition of styles and tones in his movies. Fans who watch him will get it. Different strokes for different folks yeah? I hate Damon Lindelof and think The Leftovers is pretentious shit and he ruined Lost after Season 2, but that’s just me.


Nah, we put up with it because it’s often interesting, and occasionally (as in parts of this episode) brilliant.

But payoffs? Lynch is very much not about payoffs. He’s an experimenter, not a classicist, and like all experimenters he’s more interested in the experiment itself than in whether the end result is perfectly formed with a satisfying payoff. The vast majority of experiments don’t have interesting results, after all.

(Experiments are still meticulously planned; saying he’s an experimenter in no way implies he’s not doing everything intentionally.)

I think Lynch is perfectly comfortable with the possibility that his experiments may fail in execution, which is why I feel no compunction in saying that Dougie* sucks. He’s an experiment that didn’t work out. As the last episode demonstrated, the show is better off when he’s not around. No biggie; on to the next experiment.

*I originally wrote “Donnie.” Freudian slip!


I guess maybe I put that wrong. I didn’t mean “payoff” in the sense of denouement, I meant it in more of “its about the journey, not about the destination.” I agree with what you say, HT



I want a friend of mine to see this show so that we can talk about it, but he can’t afford it. Is there an easy way to gift him access? I’m guessing a DVD option won’t show up before next Xmas.


There are a number of free 1 week previews of Showtime if he is willing to truly binge it.


My first month of Showtime was free through appletv. You could also give iTunes gift cards to extend the subscription.


Thanks, guys. Looks like simply sending my friend $8.99 or more is enough. He can just opt into Showtime, on Prime, for the free period and possibly the month after and then cancel. (He has a combination of Android/iOs devices, but I’m not sure if he’s on iTunes.)



Lynch on sound. (Warning, spoilers up to ep. 14.)


Season Spotify playlist: (via reddit, tracks also available elsewhere including Amazon)


This Sunday morning, according to Madchen Amick (Shelly Johnson), Showtime is kicking off a Return marathon (all 16 episodes) starting at 4am Eastern. The marathon should wrap up just in time for the final two episodes, which begin at 8pm Eastern.

I’ve been super, super happy with the show thus far.


Everything I read about this sounds like Lynch intended the third season as a kind of 18 hour movie, so I’m hoping that when this gets to Netflix or some other service I have, I can try to watch this in a marathon. Give or take a session.


I wouldn’t count on that ever happening since it’s Showtime and they have their own stupid streaming service. Bluray’s probably gonna be the best bet.

And yes, the show is incredible.


I dunno. Lots of Showtime shows on Netflix here in the USA- including recent stuff like Penny Dreadful. Seems they have some sort of deal.

That said, TP3 is kind of their flagship, ‘big deal’ thing. I’d be surprised if they didn’t keep it exclusive, despite reading they aren’t bringing it back for a 4th season.


That’s a good call - if they did a full season 1-3 release I’d be all over that.