Twin Snakes

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Gamespot story.

Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes for the Gamecube. It’s an exclusive remake of the original MGS being done by Silicon Knights (Eternal Darkness, Legacy of Kain, Dark Legions) and being produced by Miyamoto and Hideo Kojima. Since most folks think the original is the better of the two “Solid” titles, I figure this should be pretty exciting to some folks here. Personally, I can’t wait.

“But Gamecube is Gay!” - wumpus


Been waiting for this news for over a year now. Looks like it isn’t a straight remake of MGS (is Liquid playable?), which is nice. Plus, Silicon Knights is being supervised by both Miyamoto and Kojima. Oh yeah, North American release later this year. :D Can’t wait.

I found MGS to be an unimpressive game. Maybe Silicon Knights can improve on it, but they probably have some pretty strict constraints on what they can change.

The GameCube isn’t “gay,” but a remake of MGS doesn’t exactly top my list of anticipated GC games.

Little more info here…

Using the GBA for the codec would be cool. They could have the conversations occur in real-time as you’re still playing the mission. No pausing the action to chat with whoever wants to talk, just keep the GBA talking while Snake sneaks around…

Given that the graphic overhaul is expected to be on the level of the RE remake and with both Kojima and Miyamoto involved, I wouldn’t expect anything less than the definitive MGS. As many on GA have noted, it also bodes well for MGS3 on GC as well as PS2.


I didn’t even think about the GBA hookup. With SK doing the development there are no concerns about porting so they’ll really be able to work it in there. Nice.

I hope they get Gregson-Williams (is that his married name? what’s with the hyphen?) to do the soundtrack. I love his version of the main theme for MGS2. This might be the game that convinces me to buy a receiver with DPLII support.

Oh boy. Another remake.

This is exactly the kind of thing that makes me want to run out and buy a GameCube.

I mean, the prospect of playing years-old Playstation games.

Isn’t that exciting?

I heard MGS has a really really kewl storyline.

And that Solid Snake, he’s such a dreamboat.

It’s hard to believe that the PS2 and Xbox don’t have nearly as many great, innovative titles like this.

And who pissed in your fruit loops this morning?

You’re half right.

:shock: :D :!:

Noted on the must-buy list, thanks for the pointer.

We’ll make this the unofficial Nintendo E3 thread…

Edit: Changed the link…

Custom Robo’s apparently coming to the US! This is one game PC fans may be interested in.

A unique cross between Virtual On and Mech Warrior, with RPG elements, the N64 game featured kids’ toys scrapping it out in multiplayer mayhem, with combatants fully customisable.

Also…Mario Golf is scheduled for June 30 in the US with the title Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. I think I’m going back to EB for a second job.