Twitter DMCA "violation" for a link to a movie review.

I use Letterboxd to log and review movies I watch, and I also tweet out links to my reviews.

Woke up this morning to a notice that my account had been locked (easy enough to unlock) and a tweet removed because of exactly that.

Reported content:
Video/Audiovisual Recording
Description of infringement:
Unauthorized copy of the movie [Film Name Redacted]

The entirety of my tweet was “Name of Film: ★★☆☆☆” and a link to my review on Letterboxd.

I’m being cagey about naming the film or the studio because my best guess is someone there has bots just aggressively crawling the web for any mention of it that includes a link of any kind? Beats me. Don’t want to trip up any overzealous bots here.

So yes, lol, stupid internet. Two questions for you “IANAL” crew:

  1. Is it worth filing the counter-DMCA notice with twitter? I don’t know exactly what I’m agreeing to when I say “I accept service of process from the person who provided notice…” Does “service of process” open me up to any potential fees or entanglements? If the worst thing that happens is twitter and the studio laugh at/ignore my counter-claim, I’ll submit it anyway. If the worst thing that happens is I’m on the hook for any kind of personal cost just to have spoken up, twitter ain’t worth that.

  1. Is it worth it to care? I don’t know how many “strikes” twitter allows before taking any permanent actions with my account. I don’t care at all about the removal of this one tweet, but I’ve got dozens of other tweets with links to Letterboxd reviews. Do I scrub them? Does filing a counter-claim help me in any way protect my account?

Anyway, I’m knocking at least one star off my review.

Usually it is an overaggressive web crawler. Disputing is generally fine, and probably worth it just to make it inconvenient.

Twitter has to be stupid because of American law (DMCA)

I see this happen all the time. You won’t be sued or anything, unless it’s like Atlus.